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This editorial appears in the December 20, 2019 issue of Executive Intelligence Review.


Taking the Empire Down
from the Top

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The following is based on Mrs. Boyd’s notes for her presentation on the LaRouche PAC Fireside Chat on December 12, 2019. She was joined on the program by William Binney, former technical director at the National Security Agency, and Larry C. Johnson, former analyst at the Central Intelligence Agency. Both Binney and Johnson are members of the Veteran Intelligence Professionals for Sanity (VIPS). The full discussion, lasting more than two hours, with a live question and answer session, is available here.

Dec. 12—Wednesday, December 11, saw a truly historic Senate hearing in which DOJ Inspector General Michael Horowitz answered questions about his report on gross misconduct by the FBI and DOJ (Department of Justice) in the international campaign to prevent the election of Donald Trump and then to remove him from the Presidency, a coup which has been ongoing in the United States since the November 2016 election.

Today, we have a Democratic Party in the House of Representatives continuing the coup with Articles of Impeachment, articles which, if accepted and voted up by the Senate, would turn our Constitutional republic into a British parliamentary system with the President becoming a figurehead, serving at the pleasure of the Senate, a President who can be removed over style or policy disputes. We would be formally controlled, as the British and European parliaments are controlled, by a financial oligarchy centered in the central banks and the City of London, a modern imperial entity administered by academics, technocrats, and professional mandarins, like all empires in history.

The tool for such control is—as in George Orwell’s novel, 1984, and in the former East Germany—mass surveillance, outright control of popular opinion, and the inducement of cult-like ignorance and political divides based essentially on identity politics. On August 23 of this year, Mark Carney, the darling central banker now for the British Empire, called for precisely this form of fascism to be implemented immediately here in the U.S. and worldwide, using the Green New Deal as the mechanism to achieve it, a call otherwise represented in person now by the presidential candidacy of billionaire Michael Bloomberg and the millions he will spend in attempting to buy the Presidency.

The Inspector General’s Report

Despite a massive media campaign of lies, both preceding the release of the Horowitz report and following its release—and Horowitz’s choice of language to describe his results—the report is a devastating revelation of a massive abuse of power by the Department of Justice and the FBI. If you haven’t yet, please go to the LaRouche PAC website and watch Lindsey Graham deliver his 40-minute opening remarks before Horowitz’s testimony, and watch the second set of video clips we posted of Senators John Cornyn, Mike Lee and Ted Cruz, and Chuck Grassley questioning Horowitz. Hopefully you will get a sense of the magnitude of all of this, which can only be described as an historic game-changer.

Horowitz found that the DOJ and FBI procured Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Act (FISA) warrants on Carter Page by committing multiple frauds against the FISA Court and, most significantly, against the American public.

I am going to focus on the two main frauds found by Horowitz. The first is that the FBI knew that the Christopher Steele dossier—the MI6-crafted dirty dossier about Donald Trump, which was paid for by the Hillary Clinton campaign, and which was almost the sole source from which all of the allegations originated about Trump being an agent of Putin and a traitor—was a complete fraud as of January of 2017. The FBI interviewed the guy who Christopher Steele said was his main source for this crap, a Russian, who gathered all the rest of the sourcing for the dirty dossier, and this guy told the FBI that Steele’s dossier consisted entirely of unverified barroom gossip, rumor, and bullshit.

The FBI wanted to spy on Trump’s campaign, so they needed a warrant to spy on one of the campaign volunteers. Bill Binney can tell you about how one FISA warrant can get you through the door to the entire campaign. The FBI chose Carter Page for the FISA warrant, after Christopher Steele had lied that Page was the gopher for Paul Manafort, in dealings between the Russian government and the Trump Campaign.

CC BY 3.0
Carter Page, a foreign policy advisor to the Trump Presidential Campaign in 2016.

The Carter Page Problem

The only problem with this scheme was that Carter Page was not a pawn of the Russians, as Steele reported; he was actually an operational source for the CIA and was reporting his contacts with the Russians to the Agency. When the FBI, the Justice Department, and Christopher Steele all leaked Carter Page’s name to the media and accused him essentially of being a Russian spy, he said, wait a second, I am reporting my Russian contacts to both the FBI and the CIA. The CIA sent an email to the FBI saying, hey, this guy is an operational source of ours, and an FBI lawyer, Kevin Clinesmith, changed that email to say that Carter Page was not a CIA source, before giving it to the FISA court.

Now, obviously, Page being a CIA source, undermines the claim being made for the spy warrant, painting him as a Russian agent.

So, the FBI and Justice Department, based on the Horowitz report, can now definitively and provably be said to have known that as of January 2017, when they interviewed Christopher Steele’s main source for his dirty dossier, that there was no collusion between the Russians and Donald Trump, no matter how hard British intelligence, the Obama White House, and John Brennan’s CIA pushed that lie. End of story. There was nothing further to investigate, except, of course, how in hell all this began in the first place.

Yet, at the same time, in January 2017, the U.S. Intelligence Community issued its assessment that Russia intervened in the election to elect Donald Trump, and we now know that the completely bogus Steele dossier played a significant role in that assessment, despite numerous previous denials under oath by Brennan and former Director of National Intelligence James Clapper, claiming it did not. The very same Steele dossier was used by Comey in an attempt to entrap and blackmail the President in a briefing in January 2017, and then to smear him as compromised by Putin because of tapes Steele claimed Putin had of perverse sexual activities on the part of Trump. It was all fake, a huge and outrageous lie, for which there are few parallels in history and none involving our nation.

US Marshals/Shane T. McCoy
U.S. Attorney General William Barr.

Attorney General William Barr commented on this in two interviews this week. He said the country has been turned inside out for three years, based, essentially, on information which all those involved knew was bullshit (although he used much gentler terms), assisted by a lying and complicit media. They knew at least in January 2017, if you accept the proposition that the FBI did not know from the beginning. Yet, they proceeded with the entire effort to set the President up on obstruction and other crimes, out of which came the brutal and ridiculous Mueller witch-hunt, and now the equally insane Ukrainegate impeachment proceedings. As Sen. Lindsey Graham said on Sean Hannity’s TV show last night, the door Horowitz opened will be gone through: “Rod Rosenstein, get ready to testify.”

Now, there is a whole lot more revealed by the Horowitz Report, mostly by what is not there. That is why Attorney General Barr and U.S. Attorney John Durham are contesting Horowitz’s conclusions, and much of that goes to what Bill Binney, Larry Johnson and other members of the Veteran Intelligence Professionals for Sanity (VIPS) have proved. The premise of the Horowitz Report is acceptance of a big lie—the big lie that the Russians hacked the Democratic National Committee (DNC) headquarters and John Podesta, and turned the results over to WikiLeaks. That is a provable lie and Bill Binney and his associates have proved it.

Christopher Steele

The Horowitz Report also fills out and confirms much of what we have published about Christopher Steele and the circles he runs in. We said from the beginning that if you followed the Steele thread in the coup against Trump, you would be opening doors to truly evil and international operations, and that trail would lead you to the heart of the enemy. This is the Sir Richard Dearlove intelligence circle in London. Christopher Steele is Dearlove’s protégé from MI6. This is the circle which sold the Iraq War to the George W. Bush administration.

Steele has a history of conducting information-warfare operations, black propaganda, which our intelligence agencies surely knew, even if the FBI claims it didn’t know. His bogus Trump reports followed services performed for the State Department’s Victoria Nuland, her boss, Secretary of State John Kerry, and the British government in fomenting the Nazi coup in Ukraine, where Vice President Joe Biden acted as a modern-day viceroy.

Steele’s business, Orbis Business Intelligence, is a fairly obvious intelligence front. Its clients are rival Russian oligarchs whom Steele assists in their various litigation wars against each other, wars premised on their parking their ill-gotten gains in the City of London. His play is to use the profiles and information he gathers from the oligarchs to undermine Putin. According to Horowitz’s report, Steele even tried to turn some of these oligarchs into FBI informants—a very interesting tale yet to be publicly told.

Steele was the handler for the person who was, at one time, the most famous anti-Putin oligarch, Boris Berezovsky, before he ended up dead, and the case agent in the 2006 poisoning of Alexander Litvinenko, which kicked off London’s current war drive against Russia. Pablo Miller, associated with Steele’s Orbis firm, was the handler for Sergei Skripal, the most recent victim of British intelligence hoaxes involving Russia. You might recall that Skripal was poisoned on March 4, 2018, in a hoax attributed to the Russians. Just prior to undertaking his assignment against Trump, Steele prepared bogus reports claiming that the Brexit vote was manipulated by the Russians and that the Russians were intervening in all elections in Europe.

Don’t take seriously the after-the-fact claims by British intelligence that they found Steele lacked judgment or was untrustworthy. Their operation was blowing up and has just been incinerated by the implications of the Horowitz Report. In fact, Christopher Steele himself has taken great issue with the FBI calling him an informant who violated FBI media protocols, because, he says, he made perfectly clear he was in the black propaganda business, and the FBI accepted a contract with his firm for that purpose. Horowitz confirms that that was the understanding. So, this is all really quite stunning. It is a trail, which if properly handled can expose most of the intelligence crimes of the past four decades.

The Forced Destruction of Our Republic

Bill Binney has painted the present situation internationally as a war between a defined enemy, which is fighting to preserve its empire, internationally, at all costs, and those who are breaking free from that empire and its oligarchical axioms about the nature of human beings. Since Franklin Roosevelt’s death, the United States has gradually corrupted and degraded itself in the direction of oligarchical rule: A smug elite sits at the top and dictates rules of behavior by both law and custom which result in large swaths of the population being treated as no better than human cattle.

The sharp turn for the worse began with the Kennedy and King assassinations and the Vietnam War, and really got rolling when Nixon finally killed the Bretton Woods system in 1971, opening the door to the twin evils of globalization and massive financial speculation under the rubric of free trade.

If you want some insight into what an oligarchy is, read Friedrich Schiller’s essay, “The Legislation of Lycurgus and Solon,” available from the Schiller Institute and oft-cited and fully developed by Lyndon LaRouche in his 2004 essay, “Toward A Second Treaty of Westphalia: The Coming Eurasian World.”

The most recent nodal points in this descent of our nation were the terror attacks of 9/11 and the Iraq War. Lyndon LaRouche cites the British services, and Zbigniew Brzezinski and Samuel Huntington as the intellectual authors of the modern permanent warfare regime, and of the unaccountable administrative-bureaucratic apparatus warring against the President, now. Bill Binney and Larry Johnson were shouting from the rooftops shortly after 9/11 about the surveillance state which was being implemented then and its consequences, consequences which we now see playing out in the attempted coup against a sitting President, and the intended wholesale transformation of the nature of our Constitutional Republic led by crazy Jacobins with little idea of what they are doing.

The Horowitz Report is a first step in changing all of that—really all of it. The surveillance state is now under widespread attack. The Guardians of the Empire, the news media and Hollywood’s degenerate glitterati culture, have lost credibility as the result of their campaign of lies against Trump. They have been desperate and reckless and now stand fully exposed as liars and crooks. Most important, we have a President who is willing to fight, and to disrupt.

In his book, Earth’s Next Fifty Years, Lyndon LaRouche wrote about the causes of and solutions to political crises:

Usually, unfortunately, the mistaken assumption has been made that the previous crisis was the result of the violation of some traditional set of values, when, in fact, it was caused by a failure to carry out a needed violation of that set of values. The false assumption is, therefore, that the solution exists within that set of assumptions which has generated the crisis in the first place.

This, at heart, is the deadly and popular malady which this President abrasively disrupts on behalf of those forgotten Americans our elites call “deplorables.” If we join him in that endeavor, with LaRouche’s bold view of the future, the coup can clearly now be stopped.

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