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This editorial appears in the February 28, 2020 issue of Executive Intelligence Review.

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LaRouche on the Out-of-Control Justice Department

Feb. 23—We have been witness to treason—in broad daylight—within the DOJ and FBI (among many other departments of our Government) for more than three years now. It is not new, but it is now in the open. It can, and must be cleaned up and shut down.

Lyndon LaRouche in 1995 faced this criminal operation. He testified at the Hearings on Gross Misconduct of the U.S. Department of Justice, on Aug. 31-Sept. 1, 1995 in Tysons Corner, Virginia, saying:

We have an out-of-control Justice Department, in my view, where the rot is not in the appointees, as much as it is in the permanent bureaucracy. We have a permanent sickness, in the permanent bureaucracy of part of our government.

When the time came that somebody wanted me out of the way, they were able to rely upon that permanent injustice in the permanent bureaucracy of government to do the job. As in the Fruehmenschen case, the Weaver case, the Waco case, the case of Waldheim, the case of Demjanjuk, and other cases. Always there’s that agency inside the Justice Department, which works for a contract, like a hitman, when somebody with the right credentials and passwords walks in, and says, “We want to get this group of people,” or “We want to get this person.”

My case may be, as Ramsey Clark described it, the most extensive and the highest level of these cases, in terms of the duration and scope of the operation.

So my case is important, in the sense that it’s more extensive, it’s more deep-going, long-going. But when it came to getting me, it was the same apparatus, that, I find, in my opinion, was used in these other cases. And until we remove, from our system of government, the rotten, permanent bureaucracy which acts like contract assassins, using the authority of the justice system to perpetrate assassination, this country is not free, nor anyone in it.

This is exactly what is happening today against President Trump, and against Roger Stone, Michael Flynn, Paul Manafort, and Julian Assange. This is a British Empire operation, which is committed to war and a massive “green” depopulation agenda. Clearing LaRouche’s name, who was sent to jail having committed no crime, is key to shutting this down once and for all. As Mr. LaRouche said in 1988, while under persecution from this faction within the DOJ, that if this could happen to him, it can happen to anyone including the President of the United States.

Work with us now for the exoneration of LaRouche and his ideas, to defend President Trump and free him from the creatures of Washington, so that together we can launch the greatest economic program in human history. LaRouche’s American System approach celebrates the beauty and creativity of the human soul. Nothing less will work.

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