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This editorial appears in the April 9, 2021 issue of Executive Intelligence Review.


To Survive the Green New Deal, Defeat It!

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March 31—Despite the frantic efforts of the Federal Reserve’s QE4ever program and similar financial “easing” from other runny emitters of currency in the trans-Atlantic world, the inevitable financial blowout following decades of collapse of the physical productivity of the trans-Atlantic world—a collapse made all the more astonishing and sickening when contrasted not to the past, but to what could have been the present—is driving the present would-be rulers of Olympus to promote, nakedly, policies of direct population reduction through suicidal economic policy and warfare.

But these policies can no longer be forced through.

The unipolar post-U.S.S.R. world order, in which the Anglo-American “special relationship” exerted enormous and unchallenged power—on the military, financial, and policy fronts—is over. The just-released U.S. State Department’s 2020 “human rights” report falls all over itself making claims about “genocide” in China, claims which are unsupported by facts on the ground and for which numerous professions of agreement can no longer reliably be elicited from other nations by the threat of falling out of the U.S.’s good graces.

The enormous hypocrisy, the vast disparity between, on the one hand, claims of support for human rights with, on the other hand, the reality of Afghanistan, Iraq, Libya, Syria, Iran, and Yemen, is such that this chasm can not be ignored. As Chinese Foreign Ministry Spokeswoman Hua Chunying said today, “The U.S. has no right whatsoever to criticize China on human rights issue. Let the curtain fall on this U.S.-staged play. It’s time for U.S. politicians to wake up from their Truman Show.”

The nature of the recent discussion between Macron, Merkel, and Putin, in which the necessity of adhering to the Minsk Agreements was reasserted and the potential for use of the Sputnik V vaccine was raised, is just one example of how the unipolar world is crumbling. The proposal by the President of Finland to celebrate the 50th anniversary of the Helsinki Accords by bringing the U.S., China, and Russia to discuss climate and Arctic issues, while off the mark in the proposed topics, is correct in identifying the necessary participants. Russian Foreign Minister Sergey Lavrov made a similar reference to the formation of the OSCE coming out of the Helsinki Accords when he proposed, during the Valdai Conference in Moscow, a platform comprising all the stakeholders in the Southwest Asia-Persian Gulf-North Africa region to reach final settlements regarding Syria, Libya, Iran and the Arab Gulf states, and the Arab-Israeli conflict.

Russia’s independence of action and its brilliant strategic interventions, along with China’s meteoric economic rise through policies that once characterized the United States and which China is now exporting in an increasingly worldwide way, are changing the world. Terms from London, dictated for American and European stenographers, no longer hold sway.

While some trans-Atlantic stink tanks continue to disgrace themselves by peddling fantasies about the Belt and Road Initiative as a neocolonialist debt-trap, many others are realizing that they cannot pooh-pooh the enormous Chinese initiative out of existence. While some look for opportunities to smear China’s record on Covid, the reality of that nation’s vaccine exports cannot be denied. Where the U.S. offers weapons contracts and threats, Chinese firms offer infrastructure and financing. Where the U.K. brings chaos in Southwest Asia, Russia offers a path towards regional stability.

The greatest flank the British have is the mass-suicide proposal known as the Great Reset, the most destructive anti-development population-reduction policy short of actual military conflict menacing the world today. For the United States and Europe not to sink into a historical condition far worse than mere irrelevance, the Great Reset policy, and the fraudulent Malthusian outlook that serves to advance it, must be defeated and replaced.

But with what?

The magnificent Schiller Institute Conference of March 20-21 demonstrated the quality of thoughtful, polemical, and agapic deliberation required, as well as the power of the international dynamic created in significant part through the efforts of the LaRouche movement, to shape that better future. Prepare for that Institute’s next conference, to be held on May 8, by taking actions over the coming days and weeks to crush the Green New Deal and bring to life the physical economic potential of the creative human species.

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