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This editorial appears in the June 4, 2021 issue of Executive Intelligence Review.


Will the Right to Develop
Be Defended?

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May 29—Just as every human individual has, by virtue of their inherent creative potential, the right to life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness, so too do the sovereign nations of the world have the right to develop for the physical, cultural, and scientific benefit of their people.

This right is under attack by the “green” ideology that sees development itself as a threat to a cult-like belief in a static natural order against which human development is inherently antagonistic. This right is under attack by the oligarchical financial practices of the central banks of the trans-Atlantic world, driving hyperinflation through the creation of money disconnected from the physical economy. And this right is under attack by the militaristic geopolitical world outlook that sees sovereignty itself a threat to the British-centered financial imperial power’s ability to force anti-growth finance upon the world.

But a great victory for the right to development is currently being achieved.

China has achieved tremendous growth, eliminating abject poverty within its borders, and is now playing a physically productive role in fostering development projects in other nations around the world. This economic motor gives the lie to cynical claims that development is nearing its limits.

Statements from India, as well as actions by China and Russia, show that these sovereign nations will not sell out their potential in order to satisfy “green” goals.

A grouping of scientists met this week in Italy, to challenge the accuracy of the climate models of the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change—against which they pose the relatively greater success of Chinese and Russian models—and to challenge the very possibility of making climate models that ignore influences beyond the Earth itself. The most significant example is the Sun’s role in modulating the flux of cosmic radiation, which in turn serves to catalyze cloud formation, which reflects the Sun’s heat. We are scolded that “the science is settled” (a conclusion that may have been shaken by the contradictory messaging of “scientists” during the Covid pandemic), but this meeting in Italy has directly taken on the models that lie at the basis of global warming catastrophism.

It is a welcome addition to the fight to counter the jihad against reliable and affordable energy, and for the right to develop.

Standing up very directly for sovereignty is Switzerland. After half a dozen years of negotiations with the European Union, Switzerland decided on May 26 not to sign the EU-Swiss Institutional Framework Agreement. Although Switzerland has numerous bilateral agreements with the EU for trade, travel, and investment, it zealously maintains its sovereignty and would not assent to being governed by future dictates from the European Union.

This defense of sovereignty has a long history in Switzerland, expressed in the 700-year-old Rütli Oath sworn by a group of devoted citizens from different cantons, but all opposed to imperial rule, an oath made famous by Friedrich Schiller in his play Wilhelm Tell:


We want to be a single band of brothers,

Never to part in danger or distress.

We want to be free, as our fathers were,

And rather die than live in slavery.

We want to trust in the one highest God

And never be afraid of human power.


An inflection point in the fight for the right to development—in building the anti-Malthusian resistance—will be the June 26-27 Schiller Institute conference, described in a recent Schiller Institute newsletter:

The upcoming Schiller Institute two-day online international conference on June 26-27 will provide a quickening impulse to the great hope of humanity, to rid the planet of oligarchical geopolitics once and for all. Remember that seemingly weaker forces can, and have, throughout human history, overthrown dumb cruel giants. We are at the edge of the potential to now do that worldwide.

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