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This editorial appears in the June 18, 2021 issue of Executive Intelligence Review.


Why the Wuhan Lab Hysteria?

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June 13—Why does there seem to be a straight line from President Trump’s Secretary of State Mike Pompeo to the Biden administration’s fueling of the hysteria about SARS-COV-2, the virus that causes COVID-19, having originated at China’s Wuhan Institute of Virology? Is Steven Bannon, the anti-China right-wing guru, somehow plugged into President Biden’s National Security Council? Probably not likely. But it certainly smells like that.

Or is it that something else has the Military-Industrial-Media Complex truly frightened? As of today’s official count, about 3.8 million people have died from COVID. The real number is probably much higher. A very large percentage of that number has been people beyond the age of 60. How much of the world’s wisdom has been stolen prematurely? How much unrecoverable human knowledge have we lost? How many lives have been shattered?

Is it that the complex of trans-Atlantic evil is more and more rapidly losing its self-acclaimed Mandate of Heaven? Are they driving the China-did-it story, from both the right and the left, to stop the human instinct for the very survival of human civilization? Is it that they are frightened of the LaRouche movement’s unique capability to bring seemingly oppositely inclined nation states and people together in this crisis threatening everyone?

Helga Zepp-LaRouche, the founder of the international Schiller Institutes and the carrier of her husband Lyndon LaRouche’s legacy, uniquely addressed the COVID crisis even before the World Health Organization officially declared the disease a pandemic. She created the Committee for the Coincidence of Opposites to provide leadership to bring forces together to spur the creation of modern healthcare capacity everywhere.

Most of those human souls need not have been lost, if her proposal that the economically advanced move on to a war-footing to help create modern health care systems, fully staffed clinics, labs, and hospitals, in every nation on the planet, had been acted on then, or soon thereafter. It is still the only solution. And it is a solution with the revolutionary power to end the nightmare of death and looting promulgated by the British-led oligarchical elite. It is the only viable solution still today. And it is gaining power.

The will to fight against the evil stupidity of that power elite has been sorely lacking. But the circumstances are changing as reality is dawning on more and more of the human race that perhaps now this is a fight for their own lives, which are actually at stake.

The irony is, as Dennis Speed of the LaRouche Organization noted, “To build a health security system, you must build the most advanced energy system in human history. Your energy generation has to be nuclear-based and advanced-technology-based, and you have to build fossil fuel power generating plants, while making the transition, over a 10- or 15-year period, to bring in the electricity and the water to build and run these health facilities. China is committed to that. Russia has expressed its commitment toward Africa with respect to that. The forcing medium is precisely this idea of a Global Health Platform, it is a powerful, revolutionary idea.

Helga Zepp-LaRouche added, “The new mutations are developing much faster, they are becoming more aggressive. Professor Drosten, an extremely valuable and competent virologist, just put out a statement that there will never be anything like ‘herd immunity,’ for the very simple reason that human beings are not animals, and therefore such a thing will not exist. He says, either every single person on the planet will be vaccinated, or they will be infected. There will be nobody who is not one or the other.

“Given the fact that there is such a high number of people in the United States who refuse to be vaccinated, the United States will always have a little Third World place inside it, which could be a bomb again. If these viruses mutate in such a way to make the vaccine obsolete or less efficient, you could have waves and waves and waves of this pandemic.

“Eventually, with the Green New Deal, if you try to impose on that kind of volatile situation, where the trust of the populations in their governments is already eroded in the West to a very large degree, even in Germany, you could have millions of people in the streets, it just gets to be too much. It may have this reason, or that reason. But we are sitting on a powder keg. What these bankers are doing—and governments, and so forth—is playing with fire. Because if you have an uncontrolled breakdown, either a collapse or hyperinflationary blowout, and people realize that their life work will go in smoke, what do you think will happen, on the globe?

“The kind of anti-globalist movements that we have seen with the Brexit, the Trump election, the Italian anti Constitution-change vote, the Yellow Vests—all of these have been sort of pre-symptoms of what could erupt on a global scale, if this thing is not orderly transformed.

“There were studies by the scientific advisory service to the German parliament that you can control crowds up to a million, maybe 1.5 million, but if it goes beyond that, there is no army, no police force that could control the situation. It simply would become unmanageable. That was the experience in 1989 in East Germany. Governments face the problem that there are too many people in the police forces or in the army who have their own families on the other side, and you get into a situation where you can use, maybe, Romanians in Holland, but you can’t use Dutch police on Dutch people. They may even have such schemes.

“This thing is much, much more explosive than most people have really thought through. And that is why the international decision to create modern world health systems is the only orderly way that these different governments can start to put the kinds of processes into motion which then could lead to an orderly New Bretton Woods style reorganization of the global economic and financial system, without losing face. If they all agree that it’s a humanitarian requirement, to work together for this, to work out the rapid creation—in every country—of a modern health system.

“I have thought about this a lot. I see that as realistically the only possibility. Because everything else will lead to a clash.”

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