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This editorial appears in the November 12, 2021 issue of Executive Intelligence Review.


Lights Out at COP26
Lights On for a Renaissance

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Nov. 7—The third and final week of the COP26 summit is now underway in Glasgow, and that Malthusian jamboree is expected to finally come to a shuddering halt on Friday, November 12.

It has done great damage. Many nations have been bludgeoned and blackmailed into walking off the gangplank, into de-carbonization and de-growth—South Africa comes to mind. Others have been threatened into swearing fealty to a policy that will eventually destroy them, if it is in fact implemented—as with the case of Argentina. The bankrupt bankers of the world united in Glasgow to demand that hundreds of trillions of dollars be channeled into their latest and greatest speculative bubble. And Prince Charles pranced about on every prominent platform provided to him, declaring war in order to implement the Empire’s policy, summarized so eloquently by his dead father’s dictum: “In the event that I am reincarnated, I would like to return as a deadly virus, to contribute something to solving overpopulation.”

But perhaps worst of all, the population across the planet has been subjected to endless media brainwashing about the so-called “science” of climate change, which has left countless millions of youth, in particular, pessimistic, depressed, and despairing over the future of our species, and their own purpose in life.

And yet with all that, COP26 is shaping up as a strategic failure for its Establishment architects, with Russia, China and even India dragging their feet on the green agenda, if it means restraining their own growth. The Presidents of Nigeria and Uganda delivered vehement rejections of any green agenda that would deny Africa the right to grow and industrialize. Indonesia just said “no.” And President Biden himself had trouble putting a brave face on the fact that he couldn’t even get Congress to approve a carbon tax, not to mention the American population’s broad rejection of his entire economic and social agenda in the November 2 elections.

In short, it seems that Americans—like their brothers and sisters in China, Russia, and Africa—are in no mood to commit suicide. Each in their way this week delivered a resounding “No!” to the policies they see destroying them and their nations.

That is healthy... but insufficient. Rejection is not the same thing as a Renaissance. The crucial missing element—the positive concept of Man and associated economic, scientific, and cultural policies—will be the central focus of the upcoming Schiller Institute conference, which will meet under the concept: “All Moral Resources of Humanity Have to Be Called Up: Mankind Must Be the Immortal Species!” That historic two-day conference will begin on Saturday, November 13, at 10a.m.—the day after the lights are at last turned out on the COP26 summit.

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