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This editorial appears in the June 3, 2022 issue of Executive Intelligence Review.

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Ukraine’s NATO-Run ‘Disinformation Center’ Targets Zepp-LaRouche and Schiller Conference Speakers

May 31—The “Center for Countering Disinformation” (CCD) in Ukraine was set up by NATO on the model of the UK’s Integrity Initiative and the recently announced U.S. Department of Homeland Security’s Disinformation Governance Board, to censure any truths about the NATO war on Russia or about the Nazi forces within Ukraine. On May 28 it launched a frontal assault on Helga Zepp-LaRouche, the founder of the Schiller Institute, and on two American patriots who spoke at the May 26, 2022 Schiller Institute conference, “U.S. and European Military and Security Experts Warn: The Insanity of Politicians Threatens Nuclear War.”

Clearly upset at the leading role played by Zepp-LaRouche and the Schiller Institute in organizing international support for a new security and development architecture for all nations, as the only way to stop the drive for war, the CCD accuses her of spreading “Russian disinformation,” for exposing the culpability of NATO’s eastward march over three decades in provoking the current conflict in Ukraine.

The CCD, which functions out of President Zelenskyy’s National Security and Defense Council (the “democratic” institution which shut down all opposition political parties among other atrocities), posted the following on Instagram (in machine-translation from the original Ukrainian):

German politician and head of the Schiller Institute Helga Zepp-LaRouche blames Western countries for the fact that their leaders have not listened to Putin. H. Zepp-LaRouche organized an international discussion on the New Security Architecture of the World and the Threat of World War III.

The author discusses the Kremlin’s narratives about the fact that for ten years the world has been trying to dismantle Russia. In her words, the problem of the war in Ukraine is that “Germany and the EU have set their course with NATO, the United States and Britain, and are in a confrontation with Russia.”

H. Zepp-LaRouche has been pushing the rhetoric of Russia in the Western information space for over 10 years. During three months of full-scale war of Russia against Ukraine she repeatedly said that “NATO provoked Russia,” and already in 2007 Putin said that “NATO expansion is unacceptable,” also “Putin was really very patient.”

The same post included an attack on former CIA officer Ray McGovern, who also spoke at the May 26 Schiller Institute conference:

For the past three months, Ray McGovern has been actively giving interviews to the English media and telegraphing Kremlin rhetoric about Russia’s ambiguous responsibility for what is happening in Ukraine. In particular, the former CIA officer noted that “NATO has pledged not to expand into the North,” and therefore no one “can unilaterally prosecute Putin for what he has done.” The general conclusion that R. McGovern draws is that the U.S. is guilty of the Russo-Ukrainian war because the United States “instigated Putin.” Let’s remember! The use of foreign “experts” in the world’s information space is an element of the enemy’s informational and psychological operation, which is trying to shift the responsibility for the crimes committed in Ukraine to other countries.

On May 25, the same CCD had issued a broadside against Col. Richard Black (ret.), a former Marine officer and head of the Army’s Criminal Division at the Pentagon, for his ground-breaking interview with EIR’s Mike Billington (which now has over 600,000 views). Col. Black also spoke at the May 26 Schiller Institute Conference. CCD had this to say about Col. Black:

The other day, several English-language media outlets published an interview with R. Black, in which the former U.S. senator [sic] said that Russia could not afford to lose the war with Ukraine, because, in his opinion, Russia’s defeat would mean that “NATO will move to the [Russian] borders without hindrance…. In the last three months, in all his interviews, R. Black notes that it “breaks his heart when he sees a video where Ukrainian forces criminally kill Russian boys.” [Not reported is that Col. Black also said: “And likewise, I see Ukrainian young men, who are being slaughtered on the battlefield.” —ed.] We warn you! Such statements of the “expert” are an element of the information and psychological operation of the enemy, which is trying to convince the West of the futility of helping Ukraine.

When told about the new CCD attack on Helga Zepp-LaRouche and Ray McGovern, Col. Black noted: “This is encouraging. You are destroying the deep state narrative with the truth. Mindless enthusiasm for nuclear war is growing weaker now, thanks to you. The Schiller Institute has done a great service for mankind.”

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