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This editorial appears in the July 22, 2022 issue of Executive Intelligence Review.

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The Path Ahead for the West:
Tyranny, or a New Bretton Woods

An extraordinary exposé of the increasing degeneration of the UK into tyrannical police states took place on the July 16 broadcast of The LaRouche Organization’s weekly “Manhattan Project” meeting, with presentations by Mike Robinson, the editor of UK Column, and Dr. Clifford Kiracofe, President of the Washington Institute for Peace and Development.

Robinson compared the plethora of legislation being put through the Parliament in London, to the policies implemented under the Nazis in Germany in the 1930s. He gave as examples of this legislation: a National Security Bill and a Counter State Threats Bill shutting down free speech; a Public Order Bill criminalizing protest; an Elections Act putting the formerly independent Election Commission under government control, undermining free and fair elections; the Covert Human Intelligence Act, placing certain government agencies above the law; a Nationality Bill giving the government the power to strip people of their citizenship; and a Schools Bill, imposing extreme government control over education.

Americans reading this will immediately recognize that similar devious operations are under way in the United States, under guise of the “Patriot Act,” “critical race theory,” “defund the police,” and “election reform.” The State of New York, in order to prevent LaRouche independent candidate Diane Sare from getting on the ballot against Sen. Chuck Schumer, the “Senator from Wall Street,” changed the law to require an “impossible” 45,000 signatures of registered voters for independent candidates. (Sare achieved the “impossible.”)

Following Robinson, Dr. Kiracofe presented an historical sweep of the 19th- and 20th-Century development of fascism, from the roots of ancient tyrannies, to the nihilist and synarchist movements of Friedrich Nietzsche and Saint-Yves d’Alveydre, to Italian and German fascism. The historical confrontation of militarism versus internationalism has been at the center of 20th-Century world wars, as the competing empires of Europe led to World War I, while the League of Nations was an effort to restore international cooperation. When the League of Nations failed and fascist movements took power, the horror of World War II was the result.

Now, as the United Nations has been virtually destroyed by the British and U.S. “Responsibility to Protect” excuse for neo-colonial wars under neoconservative and neoliberal regimes, the world is rushing into a new global war against Russia and China, even while the BRICS and nearly all the countries of the Global South want international cooperation for development on the model of the Belt and Road Initiative.

The forum counterposed the militarism of the NATO drive for war to the extraordinary demonstration of the accomplishments possible through international cooperation shown by the James Webb Space Telescope, providing mankind with a direct vision of the universe many quadrillions of miles away and billions of years back in time.

Kiracofe demonstrated that behind militarism is the British model of financial capitalism, which the Founding Fathers of the United States overthrew with the 1776 Declaration of Independence, creating a new model of national development by placing the direction of national credit in the hands of elected governments rather than the private banking system—Alexander Hamilton’s American System of Physical Economy. That has been destroyed within the United States, replaced by the “independence of the Federal Reserve” and the destruction of Franklin Roosevelt’s Bretton Woods system. Ironically, it is China which is now applying this American System of directed credit, creating the Chinese miracle of the past decades, eliminating extreme poverty, and leading in new technologies and modern infrastructure.

The Western nations’ leaders must change their thinking about the world, or the current descent into a thermonuclear nightmare will become irreversible. It is a moment of the greatest danger, perhaps the most dangerous in history. And yet the extreme danger, and the economic disintegration brought about by this militarism and the speculative insanity of the deregulated financial system, are forcing people to wake up and realize their toleration of this evil, and to reach out for solutions.

The fact is, there is only one solution. Replacing this morally and economically bankrupt system with a new international security and development architecture can end the chaos, and build a Renaissance. The path to that future for Mankind is contained in the call for a New Bretton Woods System being circulated by the Schiller Institute. Sign the petition and circulate it widely. Demand that your local and national political representatives, religious organizations, trade unions and other institutions sign it and circulate it.

Read and sign the Petition here.

Watch the July 16 forum with Cliff Kiracofe and Mike Robinson here.

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