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This editorial appears in the November 25, 2022 issue of Executive Intelligence Review.


The Most Corrupt Electoral System in the World?

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Nov. 21—In the November 8 race for United States Senate in New York, independent “LaRouche Party” candidate Diane Sare was said to have garnered a total of 25,707 votes, out of a total of 5,769,935 votes cast for three candidates. What’s peculiar is that, as of the immediate closing of the polls, Sare’s vote total was reported by multiple media outlets, including Associated Press (AP), USA Today, Fox, The New York Times, and Ballotpedia, to be over 55,000 votes. Later, the votes for her two opponents, incumbent Senator Chuck Schumer, and challenger Joe Pinion, both increased. Sare’s votes went in reverse: they decreased. In Rockland County, where Sare resides, she was initially credited with 6,212 votes, or 5.8% of the total vote cast. By the end of the evening, in that same county, Sare had 277 votes!

Sare was excluded from the one televised debate that occurred in the entire campaign, even though she successfully not only met, but exceeded, New York’s unreasonable 45,000 signatures requirement, gathering 66,000 signatures in five weeks. Col. (ret.) Richard H. Black, a former Virginia State Senator familiar with unprincipled politics, wrote to sponsor Spectrum News, saying, “I am appalled that you have chosen to deny Ms. Diane Sare the opportunity to participate in the upcoming debate for U.S. Senate. Spectrum News now plans to hold a debate that excludes the only woman candidate in the race. The two male candidates, Senator Chuck Schumer and Mr. Joe Pinion, will be allowed to debate, but the only woman candidate, Ms. Diane Sare, will not.”

In all polls taken by multiple agencies prior to the election, save one, Sare’s name had been omitted. A few of her supporters reported that they had been called by pollsters, and were told, when they expressed their support for her candidacy, “We can’t record that answer. You can only answer ‘other’.” In the one poll which actually did mention her, Sare was projected to win between 5 and 6% of the statewide vote—something between 288,497 and 346,196 votes. Indeed, that was precisely the band in which her vote ran in Rockland County—5.8%. Assume, however, for the sake of argument, that even that poll—the only one to even mention her name—was overly optimistic. Both her opponents gained votes as the night went on. Sare’s vote decreased by more than half. What happened?

Americans have been told for the past two years, that to even suggest that there is any tampering with the electoral process—unless by Russia—is “insurrectionary,” that is, treasonous. At the same time, the recent revelations that two members of the recently deceased crypto-currency scam FTX contributed, between them, at least $63 million to the Democratic and Republican Parties in the 2022 mid-term election cycle, betray another, most unpleasant reality. Should the fact that Barbara Fried, the mother of “$32 billion genius nerd” and now broke and disgraced conman Sam Bankman-Fried, is a top fundraiser for the Democratic Party, and that the Democratic Party reportedly received $39 million from her son’s money- laundering scheme for this round of elections alone, be ignored, in the same way as the disappearance of the votes of Diane Sare is being ignored? “Nothing to see here, folks. Just move along. Now repeat after me: American elections are the fairest, cleanest, most democratic elections in the world.”


The much-ballyhooed American passionate defense of “democracy around the world” has, for a long time, been a sick joke involuntarily shared among the world’s nations. The CEO of the French oil company Total recently commented to a French Senate committee that most listeners should not be surprised that nations outside of “the West” reject today’s Anglo-American campaign against Russia and China outright, especially given that Afghanistan, Libya, Iraq, Syria, have seen similar campaigns in the last 20 years. Where other nations, or even their populations, have defended the Anglosphere’s “Responsibility To Protect” preventive war atrocities, as in the case of the infamous 2003 Second Iraq War, they, too, have postured as, or even become, wide-eyed “evangelists for democracy,” committed, as were the fanatics of the Spanish Inquisition, to “spreading the democratic faith” by dismantling any country they choose to defend, “destroying it in order to save its soul,” Vietnam-style.

All who are honest know the score: the pretext of spreading democracy, even if actually believed, is a self-deluding sham, intended to hide a darker truth; it works the same way as, in Eugene O’Neill’s play The Iceman Cometh, only in Harry Hope’s saloon is the story of every alcoholic barfly actually given credibility. Step out of the bar, into the cold light of reality, and it all vaporizes—“the life goes out of the booze.” Who can believe that the February 2014 overthrow of the democratically elected government of Ukraine, with the help of $5 billion supplied by the United States, according to the direct and proud testimony of then-Assistant Secretary of State Victoria Nuland, had nothing to do with fomenting the internal division and conflict that exploded into the real war in Ukraine that began 8 years ago, not this past February? Is what is happening in the manipulation of the deteriorating politics of the United States today actually different than what brought about the conditions of the disintegration of Ukraine, other than in the degree of violence—so far?

“Project Democracy” is actually a 1980s-era system of parallel government operating through the American (and Anglo-American, as in the US/Great Britain/Canada/Australia/New Zealand “Five Eyes”) intelligence community, which regularly overthrows governments, including by manipulating elections, around the world. This has been, and is done, in the name of “advocating our democratic values and way of life, which everyone wants,” usually in the name of an American people who have no idea, “for reasons of national security,” about who (including perhaps even a head of state) will be, under some pretext, kidnapped, assassinated, droned, overthrown, or bombed next. Are these same methods now being brought home to the United States?

An Accelerating Financial Fraud

The accelerating collapse of the cyber-digital casino that was once the monetary system of the trans-Atlantic world, which experienced its first instance of spectacular collapse in the “dot com” bubble back in 2000, and then a far more extensive collapse in 2007-2008, has now seen, in the FTX affair—the awful shadow of the coming “mother of all blowouts”—this past week. Worse, and in fact exacerbating the situation, is the duplicity, mixed with drug-fueled incompetence, on exhibit before the world, not only in the FTX/Alameda Research affair, but the equally incredible—that is, “not credible”—tall tale “explaining” the FTX collapse. $150 billion of market value wiped out in less than a week? Bitcoin values, once “valued” at $68,000, now at $16,000, which may soon descend to 25 American cents, the traditional value known as “two bits.” These are the people wielding unprecedented financial influence in the current Congress of the United States, and in the Republican and Democratic parties, which might better be termed “the two Ponzi system.”

Earlier, “Project Democracy” seemed to be limited to illegal, criminal activities being carried out in Nicaragua and other nations and territories by the likes of Lt. Col. Oliver North of Iran/Contra fame. Such things operated in secret through the “Crisis Pre-Planning Group” of the “Special Situation Group” which operated out of then-Vice President and former CIA Director George H.W. Bush’s office. North, however, also acted as Bush’s “action officer” for “Project Pegasus,” a “Continuity of Government” plan established through the creation of the National Program Office, established in secret by National Security Decision Directive 55 on September 14, 1982. This applied, not to another country, but the United States itself. The same Oliver North was almost “elected,” that is, placed in the United States Senate, and would have won his 1994 United States Senate race in Virginia (which doubles as the personal plantation of the American intelligence community), but for the timely, hilarious, and devastatingly effective exposure of his perfidy by Lyndon LaRouche and his associates.

Later, however, in the 24 hours after 9:15 a.m. of September 11, 2001, “Mr. Democracy” himself, Vice-President Dick Cheney, activated the “Continuity of Government” emergency process under which the United States has actually been governed since that time, and in each successive Presidential administration.

So, Senator Chuck Schumer’s notorious admonition to Donald Trump in the early days of the Trump Presidency: “Let me tell you, you take on the intelligence community, they have six ways from Sunday at getting back at you,” seems now to apply to all Americans, especially the ones that, like Diane Sare, run against Schumer for office. Even when her name appeared on a Ukrainian “kill list,” issued by an organization that the United States Congress indirectly financed, that made no difference to Schumer. Sare, like her disappeared vote, doesn’t count.

What has happened to the United States? What kind of country do Americans now live in? Does the United States now have the most corrupt electoral system in the world?

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