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This editorial appears in the February 17, 2023 issue of Executive Intelligence Review.

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Justice for LaRouche

Feb. 12—Today, the fourth anniversary of Lyndon LaRouche’s passing, The LaRouche Organization and the Schiller Institute dedicate their webpages to providing a “marathon” of his videos, to help viewers educate both their minds and their emotions for the grave challenges that lie ahead.

Just two weeks before LaRouche’s death, on Jan. 28, 2019, the international LaRouche movement issued a renewed call for the exoneration of LaRouche, and of his ideas. That call reminded readers:

With LaRouche’s jailing, America and the world were deprived of their most illustrious statesman and economist.

Because LaRouche’s policies for replacing the deadly looting of Wall Street and the City of London with a new, more just, world economic order of universal, high-tech development were not implemented, hundreds of millions of people around the world remained in poverty and tens of millions perished unnecessarily. It has only been with China’s recent adoption of policies very similar to those proposed by LaRouche up to 50 years ago, that the genocide has stopped in at least large parts of the planet.

Because LaRouche’s beam-weapons policy, as adopted and proposed by President Ronald Reagan in 1983 as the Strategic Defense Initiative (SDI), was sabotaged and not carried out, the world today teeters at the edge of thermonuclear confrontation….

Because LaRouche’s proposal for cooperation between East and West after the fall of the Berlin Wall and the reunification of Germany—famously forecast by LaRouche in October 1988—was rejected, and LaRouche was hauled off to jail scarcely three months later, Russia was ravaged, and the West looted under Thatcher, Bush, and Mitterrand. And a wave of permanent wars was unleashed, which is with us still today.

Because LaRouche’s proposed war on drugs against London’s Dope, Inc. banking apparatus was never implemented, a drug epidemic today is poisoning our nation and the world.

And because LaRouche’s policies for generating a new Renaissance of classical culture and science were swept aside, we now stare into the pit of hell of a New Dark Age that is engulfing our youth in particular….

In fact, the entire body of LaRouche’s life work and his extensive scientific writings, address precisely that central question: the role of man’s unique creativity in shaping his own history, and that of the physical universe around him. Read and study LaRouche if you wish to understand why the British Empire so fears him….

What better way to defend the United States of America and all of humanity than to exonerate LaRouche, ensure that his policies are at last adopted, and recognize his ideas for what they are, the acts of one of history’s greatest geniuses, affording him his rightful place in history?

Helga Zepp-LaRouche, in a brief written introduction to that call for her husband’s exoneration, made the central point we are reminded of today, on this fourth anniversary of his passing:

There is no greater contrast than what we see between the statesman, economist, scientist, and person Lyndon LaRouche, and the image that the malicious minions of the British Empire paint and spread about him.… Whether this image will be set aright, whether this unprecedented violation of human rights and of freedom will be punished, and whether the citizens of the United States and the rest of the world will have unbiased access to Lyndon LaRouche’s ideas: these, I am deeply convinced, are what will determine whether peace in the 21st Century can be secured and sustained, and whether the United States can once again become a beacon of hope for the entire world.

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