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This editorial appears in the May 17, 2024 issue of Executive Intelligence Review.

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The World Is Called—
the United States First and Foremost—
To Stop a New Auschwitz in Gaza

May 13—The nations of the world know that the people of Gaza have begun to starve, and are dying of exposure and disease; but instead of aid being rushed to them, it is being blocked entirely right now by Israel’s military forces. They know that these same human beings, while trying to survive without sources of food, water, or fuel, or hospitals, are being bombed and shot at and forced to march from one “safe” place after another as warfighting spreads across Gaza—again—between Israeli, Hamas and Islamic Jihad forces.

To stop this “Auschwitz in Gaza” is now the responsibility of all of us, and in particular, of the United States, for reasons that are very obvious. The United States must change its policy of feeble objections to genocide combined with robust weapons supplies to Israel to carry out genocide. It must act to stop the genocide which has now driven a half-dozen developing nations—Egypt the latest—to the World Court, seeking orders to stop it, with others ready to join.

The citizens of the United States must take action to prevent this “new Auschwitz in Gaza” from killing hundreds of thousands in coming weeks and months.

President Joe Biden, pressured by young Americans in colleges and high schools, by Arab-American and Irish-American voters, and others needed for his re-election, has tried a pathetic “carrot-and-stick” offer to Israel, and deceptive diplomacy, to wheedle an Israeli government promise not to send its forces into Gaza’s last remaining city, Rafah. This corrupt less-than-half-effort has not worked. American citizens now must mobilize, and act in every way they can, to force a real 180-degree change in American policy away from endless colonial wars and slaughters.

The one fast, efficient way that the United States—and the nations of Europe—can do this, has been made clear repeatedly by Helga Zepp-LaRouche, including in a crucial meeting of the International Peace Coalition May 10:

Withdraw weapons support and reach out to the BRICS group of nations, such as China, Egypt and Iran, and to Israel, to announce and convene a Southwest Asia peace conference, launched by a ceasefire in Palestine, and based on economic development of the region, greening the great world desert from North Africa to East Asia, rebuilding Gaza. The model encompassing Southwest Asia is LaRouche’s “Oasis Plan.”

That idea of a full American policy change, as an immediate action, should motivate us to stop the genocide which looms over two million Palestinian human beings in Gaza.

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