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New Democratic PAC Formed
to Destroy the Contract On Americans

LEESBURG, VIRGINIA, Aug. 29, 1995 (EIRNS)--FDR-PAC will be the name of the new political action committee, being launched today by associates of Lyndon LaRouche in the Democratic Party. LaRouche, the world-renowned economist whose campaign for the Democratic Party nomination ends today, with the nomination of President Bill Clinton in Chicago, will serve as a leading member of the PAC's National Advisory Board.

"The prime objective of FDR-PAC will be to defeat those modern-day proponents of Nazi economic policies, such as Governor Tom Ridge of Pennsylvania, within the Republican Party, and wherever else they may raise their heads," declared Nancy Spannaus, the Virginia Democrat who will serve as the PAC's Executive Director.

"The need for bringing together those Democrats committed to reviving FDR's tradition of fighting Nazi economics, and using the powers of the government to revive our economy through industry, science, and infrastructure, couldn't be clearer. The fact that political transvestite Dick Morris was able to push President Clinton in the opposite direction, toward adopting Republican policies such as the Welfare Reform Act, demonstrates the problem we have to deal with.

"Fortunately, today, Dick Morris is out of the picture. But the policy direction itself must be addressed, and changed, so that the Democratic Party can not only take back both houses of Congress this fall, but also we can literally destroy the power of all advocates of the Contract on Americans, which Gingrich and his friends have imposed on the United States.

"FDR-PAC will concentrate, first and foremost, upon impeaching the individual LaRouche has identified as the 'lead duck' among the Gingrichites, Pennsylvania Gov. Tom Ridge. There is currently a mass mobilization going on in Pennsylvania to accomplish this task, but it is not just a matter for the residents of that state. A successful national effort to impeach Ridge is essential in order to send a message to all those who propose Nazi-like budget cuts, that they will not be tolerated.

"As in Pennsylvania, we will, of course, propose alternatives to mass murder through budget cuts. These will include both programs for actually reversing our industrial and economic decline, and taxation policies that will penalize speculation. Just as FDR had to deal with the bankruptcy of the U.S. banking system, we Democrats have to deal with the bankruptcy of the world economy--and apply the necessary American System policies to carry out bankruptcy reorganization, establish national banking, and provide trillions in credit to rebuild the economy.

"But the major job, from the start, will be the necessary negative one. The truth must be told about the fact that budget cuts like those of Gov. Ridge, and the Contract on Americans, are Nuremberg Crimes against Humanity. The purveyors of those crimes must be confronted, and, if they don't repudiate them, be politically destroyed.

"Our work will occur in the tradition of the Defeat That Son-of-a-Bush Committee, and our campaign against Newt Gingrich's Contract on America. It will draw upon the Democratic tradition of Franklin Delano Roosevelt and John F. Kennedy. We will seek to mobilize the traditional base of the Democratic Party--particularly labor and minorities--to accomplish what must be done within these next two months: defeat Nazi-style economic policies, once and for all."

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