1995 Is 'Year of Decision,'
LaRouche Tells Conference

Sept. 8--About 1,200 political activists from around the United States met in Northern Virginia over Labor Day weekend, to prepare themselves for the upcoming national election season. Under the banner of "1995-1996, The Year of Decision," leaders of the movement led by economist and Democratic Presidential pre-candidate Lyndon LaRouche presented what LaRouche himself, in his keynote speech, called the "heavy ideas" required to prevent catastrophic destruction of human civilization, in the coming 18-24-month period of inevitable financial collapse.

LaRouche's keynote presentation situated the political tasks of the period from the standpoint of "universal history," the centuries-long battle between the forces of the Renaissance republican movement, and the Venetian-British oligarchical system. Provocatively titling his speech "How to Tell If the News Is Newsworthy," the candidate stressed the need for individuals to challenge the false assumptions of their fellow citizens, and to act to shape the policy of the U.S. government in the direction of the bankruptcy reorganization which he has outlined.

A full transcript of LaRouche's speech appeared in New Federalist, Vol. 9, No. 35, Sept. 11, 1995.