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LaRouche Is Approved by FEC
for Federal Matching Funds

WASHINGTON, D.C., Nov. 2--The Federal Election Commission (FEC) today approved Lyndon H. LaRouche for federal matching funds for the 1996 presidential primary elections. LaRouche qualified for the program by raising a threshold amount of $100,000, in amounts of $250 or less from each contributor, from at least 20 contributors in each of 20 states. Having qualified, the campaign can submit additional funds for matching, up to $250 per person, to a campaign maximum of $10 million.

The FEC decision comes after bitter opposition to LaRouche's qualification in the 1992 elections. Having refused to certify the candidate's qualifying submission at that time, the Commission was ultimately ordered by the U.S. Court of Appeals (Washington, D.C.) to do so, since the grounds cited by the Commission for denial--they chose not to believe the candidate would abide by the campaign laws--had no legal justification, and strayed out of the realm of law, into the domain of subjective whim.

In addition to the benefit conferred on primary campaigns by the federal funding itself, FEC certification has become a significant criterion in many states for candidate ballot placement decisions by secretaries of state or election boards.

LaRouche's campaign for the Democratic nomination moved into high gear after Labor Day, first by meeting the requirements for federal matching funds, and secondly with the publication of two major campaign documents.

On October 19, LaRouche issued a strategic analysis and policy document titled "The Blunder in U.S. National Security Policy," which takes the form of a rebuttal to a report by the U.S. Department of Defense made public a few weeks earlier, regarding U.S. security policy for the Americas. The full text of this document (as well as other information by and about the candidate) is available on the candidates' electronic Homepage, and can be accessed here.

This week, a booklet entitled The LaRouche Program to Save the Nation: Reversing 30 Years of Post-Industrial Suicide was published by the LaRouche Exploratory Committee. This publication details LaRouche's program to federalize the Federal Reserve Bank and create the conditions for the creation of 6 million new productive jobs. With its emphasis on infrastructure development, the booklet is a veritable "how to" for building America's way out of the depression.

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