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LaRouche Files for
Federal Matching Funds

Democratic presidential primary candidate Lyndon H. LaRouche, Jr. filed for federal matching funds at the headquarters of the Federal Election Commission (FEC) in Washington, D.C. Sept. 12. The submission, which was made through Mr. LaRouche's primary campaign committee (Committee to Reverse the Accelerating Global Economic and Strategic Crisis: A LaRouche Exploratory Committee), consisted of 683 contributions from individuals from 22 states, in amounts of $250 or less, for a total amount of $146,650. An FEC representative informed the campaign that the submission should be processed within about two weeks.

This is LaRouche's sixth run for the White House.

Seven other presidential candidates have been approved for matching funds so far. Matching funds qualification facilitates candidates' placement on many state ballots, eliminating onerous petitioning requirements in some cases, and in others, helping to circumvent obstructionist tactics on the part of partisan secretaries of state or state electoral agencies.

Key Issues

LaRouche has identified several key elements of his campaign effort. In July, when kicking off the active phase of his campaign, which led to today's FEC filing, LaRouche spoke of the strategic importance of cleaning up a "corrupt cabal" inside the U.S. Department of Justice. Noting that "the world's physical economy continues to collapse, while the world's financial markets are expanding like an overstretched balloon about to burst," LaRouche explained why "the danger of a coverup in the Waco affair" (on which Congress was holding hearings at the time) "must be the opening issue of my campaign."

Noting that the corrupt permanent bureaucracy of the Department of Justice, around individuals like Mark Richard (the second-highest-ranking career official in the DOJ's Criminal Division) and Jack Keeney (the most senior Deputy in the Criminal Division) was also involved in his own frameup and conviction, LaRouche pointed to the cases of Randy Weaver; the Branch Davidians and Waco; Operation Fr├╝hmenschen (the selective targetting of African-American political leaders for sting operations and investigations); and John Demjanjuk as exemplary of this corruption.

"Granted," LaRouche said July 12, "the issue of justice in those five matters is not bigger than the issue of worldwide depression coming up fast. However, sometimes, as in this matter, it is important that the biggest issue take second place in the order of the agenda. If you cannot prevent the Justice Department's cabal from discrediting qualified candidates and representatives, you do not have a chance of finding relief from the onrushing worldwide economic depression."

LaRouche and the American System

LaRouche is the world's leading advocate of the American System of political economy, having revived the system of economics first implemented under the authority of President George Washington and his Treasury Secretary, Alexander Hamilton. LaRouche has called on the government of the United States to intervene to put the Federal Reserve System and attendant banks and financial institutions into the equivalent of Chapter 11 bankruptcy reorganization.

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