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LaRouche Gets Double-Digit Votes
On Super Tuesday

Democratic Presidential candidate Lyndon H. LaRouche, Jr. continued his double-digit showings in the Super Tuesday primaries, polling 12.65% in Oklahoma and 11.69% in Louisiana. The candidate has scheduled a third half-hour television broadcast for April 18. Details below.

LEESBURG, VA., March 13, 1996--Lyndon H. LaRouche, Jr. continued to advance yesterday in his campaign for policies of National Economic Security in the Democratic Party Presidential primary elections. In three-way races with President Clinton and Elvira E. Lloyd-Duffie, Lyndon LaRouche placed second in Oklahoma with 12.65% and second in Louisiana with 11.69%.

On March 5, Lyndon LaRouche had received 11.1% of the vote in a two-way race with President Clinton in Colorado. On Feb. 24, he had received 9.6% of the vote in a two way race with President Clinton in Delaware, and on Feb. 27, he placed second in North Dakota with 34.5% in a three-way race, in which President Clinton was not on the ballot.

In Louisiana, Lyndon LaRouche received over 15% of the vote in 13 counties and over 20% in 3 counties. In West Carroll county LaRouche received a high of 22.48%.

The final unofficial results in Oklahoma are as follows: President Clinton--277,454 votes (76.23%); LaRouche--46,392 votes (12.65%); and Lloyd-Duffie--40,758 votes (11.12%).

The final unofficial results in Louisiana are as follows: President Clinton--123,443 votes (80.85%); LaRouche--17,851 votes (11.69%) and Lloyd-Duffie 11,394 votes (7.46%).

Lyndon LaRouche also appeared on the ballot yesterday in Texas and Mississippi. In Texas, LaRouche placed 4th in a seven-way race, receiving over 28,000 votes for 3.1% of the vote. In Mississippi, which was a two-way race between President Clinton and Lyndon LaRouche, the results are not yet available.

Asked to comment on the March 12 election results, Democratic candidate Lyndon LaRouche said the following: "Obviously this indicates that with the virtual press blackout and the efforts of the DNC not only to sabotage my campaign as well as that of the President, these results are very significant and reflect the building up of a political earthquake in the United States."

Lyndon LaRouche, who continues to be qualified for federal matching funds, will next appear on the ballot in Illinois and Ohio on March 19. On Thursday, March 14, the LaRouche Exploratory Committee will rebroadcast LaRouche's second nationwide TV show, which aired on NBC-TV on March 2, on WGN-TV in Chicago at 6:30 p.m.

LaRouche's campaign committee is purchasing its third nationwide 30 minute television ad, which the candidate will use to speak on foreign policy issues, on April 18 at 9:30 pm Eastern and Pacific Times (8:30 Central and Mountain Times) on the CBS network.

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