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Fowler Claims:
'This Chicken-Coop My Private Club'

The LaRouche Exploratory Committee released the following statement by Lyndon LaRouche on Aug. 16, 1996.

In a landmark, lower court decision of which the Ku Klux Klan could be proud, "conservative" Democratic National Chairman Don Fowler won a temporary reprieve from charges of his willful, racialist violations of the 1965 Federal Voters' Rights law. Unless reversed, this lower court decision could set off a chain-reaction, leading to Republican control of both houses of the 1997 Congress, and could help significantly to set a self-isolated President Bill Clinton for a reenactment of the post-1972 ouster of President Richard Nixon.

In the proceedings in Washington, D.C. Federal court, yesterday, District Federal Judge Thomas Penfield Jackson accepted the doctrine of Fowler's attorneys, following the guidelines of those racialist, "Jim Crow" rulings against African-American voters' rights, which the 1965 Voters' Rights act was intended to overturn.

The fact that Fowler's attorneys adopted Jim Crow precedents in defense of his violation of the 1965 Voters' Rights act, coming on the heels of the President's capitulation to a mass-murderous, racialist, "Contract on America," Welfare Bill, threatens to shatter the core vote of the Democratic Party nationally, sending the 1996 Democratic congressional campaign down to a repeat of the 1994 electoral catastrophe, relegating Al Gore's future political ambitions to the ash-can of quickly forgotten U.S. Vice-Presidents.

Thus, this temporary success by Fowler, underlines the racialist "conservativism" permeating both the Fowler National Chairmanship of the Party, to date, and the converging political influence of Roy M. Cohn clone, dirty Dick "Rasputin" Morris, over the campaign to reelect President Clinton.

The underlying issue here, is that which Senator Edward Kennedy defined earlier, in his celebrated, January 1995 address at the Washington, D.C. National Press Club. The Senator warned, that the lesson of the landslide defeat of Democrats in the 1994 congressional elections, showed that "this country does not need two Republican parties." The Bonapartist Democratic Chairman Don Fowler, and Roy M. Cohn-style right-winger Dick Morris, are current standard-bearers of the campaign to put the nation under the incestuous dictatorship of two Republican parties, with the Democrats serving as the second Republican Party, sitting out in the left-field bleachers.

The result of the President Clinton's capitulation, thus far, to both Fowler and Morris, is that the Democratic Party is threatened with a near-term, open or silent split, between clean Democrats, who opposed the President's capitulation in the matter of the Welfare Bill veto, and, those greed-ridden, right-wing, Fowler Democrats, who bullied the visibly most reluctant President into making his sharp right turn on that issue.

As with the Adlai Stevenson of the 1950s, it is virtually assured that former Senator Bob Dole has received a long-sought, Republican presidential nomination at a most unfortunate choice of historic moment. However, were the President to be reelected, without gaining a Democratic majority in the House of Representatives, not only is the President faced with the virtual certainty, that a worse, post-1996 humiliation than administered to a post-1972 Dick Nixon, is already being crafted in the Bush camp; the loss of genuine Democratic leadership in Washington, means the loss of competent leadership for the entire world, in a time of onrushing global banking crisis which could plunge a virtually leaderless world, into the already ongoing, worst depression-slide in modern history.

The President must come out of the T-group trance, and stop ruining every good thing to which he is otherwise commited. He must end the carefully triangulated attempt at his assisted political suicide, being arranged by Dick "Kevorkian" Morris. Break off Fowler's and Morris's petty competition for peanut shells, with the tired, old, saggy-baggy, Republican elephant. Let the Republicans have, and keep Roy Cohn's clone, dirty "Rasputin" Morris; sweeten that deal, by throwing in the worn- out, white-rimmed spare tire, "Bubba" Fowler, as a bonus.

Wake up, Mr. President! The fire-bells are shaking the rafters. This time, it is the White House which is on fire!

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