Bush Special Report

This EIR Special Report documents the crucial issue of the 1996 U.S.A. general election campaign: the ongoing war between U.S. President Bill Clinton and the Queen's Own Republican Party of 1980s drug super-kingpin George Bush.

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by Lyndon H. LaRouche, Jr.
Chapter 1.
Drug Kingpin George Bush

The Contra "crack" connection.
Chapter 2.
George Bush: The Cop Who Committed the Crime

Vice President George Bush's special titles (Drug Czar and Special Operations Czar of the 1980s).
The Bush League of the 1980s: Don Gregg, Oliver North, Ted Schackley, Richard Secord, Felix Rodriguez.
Chapter 3.
Under the Joint Chiefs of Staff: The 'Focal Point'

Is there life on the "Asteroids"?
Privatizing the "Secret Government."
Bush and the LaRouche case. Bugsy Bush, Dirty Ollie, and the case of Michael Billington.
Ollie's not-so-secret Channel to the drug-runners.
Chapter 4.
The Truth About Mena, Arkansas . . . and beyond

The intermountain airport, and its uses.
Barry Seale, and the Tale of the two Ollies.
Who really killed DEA agent Camarena?
Chapter 5.
The Defense Department Makes a Deal With Drug Lords

LaRouche and "Operation Guatusa."
How Bush's war against General Noreiga turned Panama over to the Cali cocaine cartel.
The case of Mexico.
Chapter 6.
What Was the Cover-Up in Pan Am 103?
Chapter 7.
Terrorism Against President Clinton's U.S.A.
Chapter 8.
The International Terrorist Threat to the U.S.A. Today
Chapter 9.
A 'Kingpin' Indictment of George Bush et al.