Growing numbers of cronies of George Bush's orgy of worldwide drug- and weapons trafficking, not-so-secret wars, and just plain murder are pointing bloodyfingers at each other, and also at their former masters. A case in point: the murder of Sweden's Olof Palme.

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by Lyndon H. LaRouche, Jr.
Chapter 1.
New revelations tie Palme murder to Bush, Thatcher-linked arms cartel

Bush-Thatcher zones of conflict
Williamson's 'confession'
Ricci and Williamson on the GMR group
Documentation: International coverage of the 'South Africa connection'
Chapter 2.
John Train: Wall Street's man in Bush's secret government

John Train's British, Swedish financial ties
Appendix: The Train salon, in the legal record
Excerpts from a 2255 motion for a new trial by attorneys for Lyndon LaRouche, et. al.
The Goldsmith's and the new 'Murder, Inc.'
Chapter 3.
The Olof Palme assassination and coverup, revisited: The case studies

The LaRouche case and the Palme assassination
The Club of Isles and international weapons cartels
The size of the 1980s illicit Third World arms market
Schalck-Golodwski and 'destructive engagement'
EIR detailed 'explosives cartel' role in Palme killing
Chapter 4.
The death toll rises

The mysterious death of Uwe Barschel
Cools and Bull: two murders in Belgium
India's former prime minister, Rajiv Gandhi
Who killed Yitzhak Rabin?
The Jonathan Institute: neo-cons and British agents
The Ledeens and Temple Mount
The 'Temple Mount' patsy factory
The case of Cyrus Hashemi
George Perry and the Tabatabai bust
Some other strange deaths
Chapter 5.
'Paris Review' goes to Kabul

The 'Arc of Crisis' in conflict and war
Major terrorist incidents since Clinton's inauguration
Chapter 6.
Bush-Thatcher 'secret government' operations: 1979-96