FDR-PAC releases LaRouche program to save the nation

May 1 -- FDR-PAC, the political action committee established by Democratic associates of economist Lyndon LaRouche, has just release a new printing of ?The LaRouche Program To Save the Nation," as part of its campaign to inform the economic debate in the United States.

"While the question of Franklin Delano Roosevelt is in the news, because of the dedication of his Memorial in Washington, D.C., we would like to turn people's attention to FDR's concept of government," commented FDR-PAC's Executive Director Nancy Spannaus. "FDR understood the distinction between the approach of the British Empire, and that of the American Republic, and he insisted that the federal government defend the population's general welfare from the depradations of the ?free market,' which was looting them into poverty. Both of these aspects of his thinking would be very much welcome in the political arena today."

"In fact, the kind of command decisions that FDR took to reverse the depression, from 1933 to the period of the war, are precisely the kind of decisions which President Clinton is likely to have to take in the near term, in the face of inevitable financial blowout."

FDR-PAC has updated the LaRouche program book, which was first published as part of the economist's 1992 presidential campaign, to include LaRouche's perspective for a New Bretton Woods conference. The 152 page book also includes the Pennsylvania legislation for the Securities Transfer tax, which would tax speculation in order to generate the funds for needed medical assistance, and infrastructure programs."

The book is available from FDR-PAC, for a contribution of $10. FDR-PAC is reachable at P.O. Box 6157, Leesburg, Va. 20178. - 30 -