Spannaus declares candidacy:

"Frank Wolf? Never Again!
Stop the African holocaust!"

LEESBURG, May 23 -- "I hereby declare my candidacy for the Democratic Party nomination against Congressman Frank Wolf," said LaRouche Democrat Nancy Spannaus in a statement released today. "Wolf's support for the continuing British-sponsored holocaust in Central Africa, has made it impossible to tolerate his continuing in office. The slogan for my campaign will be, "Frank Wolf? Never Again! Stop the ongoing holocaust in Africa!"

"Fifty years ago, after the Nazis herded their victims into boxcars to be sent for extermination, and carried out 'ethnic cleansing,' the so-called civilized world vowed 'Never again.' Yet today, there is undeniable evidence that nearly 500,000 people, and maybe more, have been slaughtered by the recent offensives of the Ugandan and Rwandan armies, and the forces of Laurent Kabila, under the tutelage of Ugandan President Yoweri Museveni, and his controller Baroness Lynda Chalker. These were largely Hutu refugees, women and children, and they were starved, shot, sent on death marches, and basically exterminated. This is a Hitlerite policy, and Museveni has been explicit about it, stating publicly about his plans for conquest in the region: 'As Hitler did to bring together Germany, we should also do it here.'

"It is my firm conviction, that if we do not build a movement to stop this new holocaust, and to provide backup for President Clinton to stop it, we as a nation are not morally fit to survive. We must take seriously our vow of 'Never Again' to genocide," Mrs. Spannaus states.

Wolf Heads the Pack

"Building such a movement requires, first off, that we politically destroy the spokesmen for genocide," Mrs. Spannaus argues. "One of the those spokesmen, despite his mild-mannered appearance, is Congressman Wolf."

"Congressman Wolf has shown, by affiliation, action, and inaction, that he supports the British plan to break up the nations of Central Africa, depopulate them, and turn them into zones of looting of raw material wealth," she continued. "As a member of the board of Christian Solidarity International--a British Intelligence front run out of Switzerland which including Baroness Caroline Cox, the former head of the House of Lords' foreign policy committee--Wolf is directly fronting for British interests. He aggressively supports the British plan to break up Sudan, and backs up the British Commonwealth's leading warlord against the whole Central African region, Yoweri Museveni."

"If Congressman Wolf got his way, the United States would have demanded a genocidal embargo against Sudan, as well as backing the invading armies from Ethiopia, Eritrea, and Uganda, that would divide and devastate that nation," states Mrs. Spannaus. "Fortunately, so far, the Clinton administration has not fallen for the lies about Sudan which are circulated by Wolf and CSI."

"And what about the ongoing genocide in Zaire, Rwanda, and Burundi--genocide which British puppet Museveni is spearheading with troops, advice, and support?," she asks. "On this outrage, Congressman Wolf has been totally silent, even when confronted publicly during town meeting events which he held in early April. The Congressman claimed ignorance of the invasion of Sudan, and showed no interest in the genocide in Zaire, which, even then, was widely known."

"It's time to get out of virtual reality. The political stakes of this era are either a global genocide of the sort the British are now sponsoring in Africa, or a global economic Renaissance around LaRouche's program for a Eurasian Land-Bridge and New Bretton Woods. To achieve the Renaissance, Wolf must be defeated."

Mrs. Spannaus is expected to hold a press confernce in the near future.