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EIR video on 'Assault on the Presidency' features LaRouche

Feb. 25 (EIRNS)--Executive Intelligece Review has just completed production of its first mass-sale videotape. "Assault on the Presidency" is a 56-minute professional tape, which features EIR's founder and leading statesman Lyndon LaRouche, speaking on the strategic origins and significance of the attack on President Clinton now underway. The tape, which sells for $25, will be available from EIR's distribution outlets starting next week.

From the beginning, LaRouche outlines what's at stake:

"We need President Clinton to act as Franklin Roosevelt would have acted under these global conditions of financial crisis. Only the President of the United States can do that. There are other nations which would agree and cooperate, in making the necessary moves to save this world from the worst depression in modern history; but, they couldn't do it without cooperation from the United States. The cooperation would not come so much from the Congress. It must come from the President of the United States. In other words, we need a sitting President, now, this year, in 1998, in the spring of 1998, a President who is able to concentrate on this problem, and to act on it, who is not distracted by idiots like this fellow Starr; who is not distracted by pressures to do silly things, like bombing Iraq. We need that President."

Who's Out To Get Us

LaRouche's introduction is followed by clips of EIR's Counterintelligence Editor Jeffrey Steinberg and Law Editor Edward Spannaus addressing a recent forum in elaboration of LaRouche's thesis. Steinberg takes on the British networks of treason who have historically targetted the sovereign power of the U.S. republic, and their modern vestiges--including the British sponsorship of the conspiracy targetting the President. The issue is not "left" versus "right," Steinberg stresses, but whether you support the idea of a nation-state, or the idea of an elite financial oligarchy running the world, and deciding who lives and who dies.

Spannaus exposes the cases of London Sunday Telegraph reporter Ambrose Evans-Pritchard and Anglophile moneybags Richard Mellon-Scaife, two prime movers in the assault on the Presidency.

Steinberg picks up again, on the general point of the political targetting of the Presidency, which has followed a method similar to that used against LaRouche. This perfectly describes the modus operandi of Kenneth Starr and Linda Tripp, who have basically functioned as part of a criminal conspiracy against President Clinton.

The Televangelists

The video next shifts to the issue of the televangelists who have been carrying out mass propaganda on behalf of the assault on the Presidency. Clips of Robertson and Falwell are followed by a scene from the film of Sinclair Lewis's "Elmer Gantry," the prototypical predatory preacher who encourages extreme irrationalism in the name of Christianity.

LaRouche concludes with his own view, "as a statesman," of Christianity, defining the mission of man as being "like an angel," doing something that is needed, out of love for mankind.

In his final statement, LaRouche stresses his own personal role:

"We now have come to the worst crisis in world history, in modern world history. I understand it, the President does not. My job is to advise him in this crisis. If he is not there, as your sitting President, if he does not make the decisions which are necessary, for this republic and this world, then you are doomed. Therefore, my job is to protect him. My job is to protect him, above all, from this assault on the Presidency, which deprives you of the sitting President you elected, the sitting President without which this republic will not survive, the sitting President without which you, and your children, are not likely to survive the crisis which is coming down now."

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