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LaRouche Campaign Releases Road to Recovery Book

Feb. 26, 1999 (EIRNS)--The Presidential campaign of Lyndon LaRouche for the 2000 Democratic nomination has released The Road to Recovery, the candidate's book on the nation's immediate requirements for leadership.

The 275-page book, published by LaRouche's Committee for a New Bretton Woods, has been made available both in traditional printed form, and as an electronic document (2.8 MB) in Adobe's Portable Document Format (PDF).

The text of candidate LaRouche's book has also appeared in the weekly Executive Intelligence Review magazine in its Feb. 19, 1999 issue. In an accompanying editorial statement, EIR also announced that as a public service, it is opening its pages for discussion documents contributed by other active Presidential candidates.

According to the campaign's press release, "Lyndon H. LaRouche, Jr. is the leading proponent of a new just monetary system based on American System principles, and the leading opponent of the International Monetary Fund.

"In this campaign book, The Road To Recovery, LaRouche offers an in-depth discussion of the real economic and strategic issues. But, more importantly, he sets out to teach other citizens how to deliberate about the necessary revolutions in economic and cultural thinking, that will permit them to become competent leaders as well. Such citizens, would be well prepared to seize back, from a corrupt media, control over the nation's destiny.

"LaRouche, in his 1996 Presidential campaign ran in 26 state Democratic primaries and garnered almost 600,000 votes. Since July 18, 1997, when LaRouche announced his 2000 Democratic candidacy, he has been mobilizing opposition to the attempt by the Dick Morris/Al Gore faction to turn the party into 'a second Republican Party.' He offers four reasons for issuing this book at this time:

  • Putative Democratic front-runner Al Gore is infected with evil New Age and free-trade ideology, and is unelectable.

  • Other worthy Democratic candidates should step forward now, to ensure competent choices for President in 2000.

  • Qualified candidates must dedicate themselves to rebuilding the kind of Democratic Party which Franklin Roosevelt built in the 1930s to lead the nation to recovery--a Democratic Party based on deliberation amongst core constituencies of labor, farmers, and minorities.

  • More and more world leaders are recognizing that LaRouche's New Bretton Woods policy design is, what he calls, 'the only alternative to Hell on Earth about now. Any contrary approach will ensure the worst financial catastrophe this planet has experienced since the Fourteenth Century "New Dark Age."'

"He concludes, 'I propose that we join in casting aside that poisonous rumor, that, as a matter of course, it will be the unelectable Vice President Al Gore, who will carry the party's banner and political platform into the Year 2000 general election.' That is precisely what the AFL-CIO just did, by urging its member unions not to jump on Gore's media-hyped bandwagon."

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