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EIR Publishes Full Coverage of
Putin's Sept. 25 Offer to the West

Sept. 29, 2001 (EIRNS)—The Oct. 5 issue of EIR contains full, in-depth coverage of the Sept. 25-27 intervention of Russian President Putin in Germany, and its significance for the current deadly global crisis of economic depression and "irregular warfare."

Putin, in an address to the German Bundestag Sept. 25, spoke directly to this crisis, rejecting the "clash of civilizations" idea of dealing with international terrorism, and making the offer to the West of Eurasia-wide strategic cooperation against the roots of international terrorism. There are crucial points of intersection between President Putin's approach to this historical turning point, and the policy-interventions of Lyndon LaRouche, including LaRouche's role in the strategic offer made by the U.S. to the Soviet Union in 1983--the Strategic Defense Initiative.

EIR publishes in English translation the full Putin speech to the Bundestag, and his preceding day's national address to the Russian people, as well as the most important German interviews and coverage of the Russian President's visit.

In their accompanying analysis, of both President Putin's speeches and their implications, EIR's Rachel Douglas and Jonathan Tennenbaum write: "An address by the President of Russia, speaking in German to the German Parliament, the Bundestag, convened in reunified Berlin, would have been an historical milestone at whatever moment it occurred. The speech Vladimir Putin gave there on Sept. 25 became something even more—the offer of a precious opportunity, perhaps the last, to avert the worst catastrophe of modern times. Two weeks to the day after violent attacks on New York and Washington brought the world into a new, acute phase of crisis, Putin's extraordinary intervention changed the axioms of policy, and challenged other world leaders to do likewise."

The importance of this intervention by the Russian President was emphasized to the press by White House spokesman Ari Fleischer on Sept. 27. Yet the Putin speeches are available in full English translation exclusively in EIR.

EIR's feature also includes Lyndon LaRouche's discussion of the 1983 "strategic offer" of SDI to the Soviet leadership; his own responsibility for it and for the idea of Eurasian Land-Bridge development today. President Putin's current offer of Eurasian cooperation to Europe and the United States, reflects the crucial offer which the Soviet Union refused then—to its own destruction.


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