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Former Senator McCarthy
to Argentine President:
`The Globalization of the Common Good'

Dec. 28, 2001 (EIRNS)—Former U.S. Senator and former Democratic Presidential candidate Eugene J. McCarthy sent the following message today to Adolfo Rodríguez Saa, Argentina's interim President.

President Adolfo Rodríguez Saa
Casa Rosada

When hearing about the speech you gave to the Argentine Congress, I was struck by the similarity to the American Revolution's Continental Congress. As the IMF system is now bankrupt, I am sure that what you are doing in Argentina will spread to many nations. We've already heard the chants at the Israeli workers' demonstration: "Argentina, Argentina." This is globalization in reverse — the globalization of the common good.

When I was a member of the U.S. Senate, I worked on something which was of great importance to me, and which is very similar to what you are doing today. We were trying to help the Christian Democrats in Latin America enter the government and carry out, in policy, the ideas of the Social Encyclicals. Our President at the time, John Kennedy, created the Alliance for Progress to further this intention. We expected that the Christian Democrats in Latin America would be able to do what President Franklin Delano Roosevelt had been able to do during the Great Depression in the United States. A book I wrote about this, at the time, was translated into Spanish and Portuguese and published in Argentina, Brazil, Chile and Venezuela.We are living in exciting times.

Former Senator Eugene J. McCarthy
December 28, 2001

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