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EIR Was Right:
Toledo Admits George Soros Gave Him $1 Million
For His Campaign to Overthrow Fujimori

Lima, April 23, 2001 (EIRNS)—Peru's Presidential elections were thrown into a tizzy on Saturday night, when an insider in Alejandro Toledo's campaign leadership, Alvaro Vargas Llosa, gave an explosive hour-and-a-half interview on the Peruvian talk show, "The Sniper," in which he revealed (among other things) that he had arranged a meeting between Toledo, George Soros, and others, in Warsaw, Poland, at which Soros had agreed to give a million dollars to Toledo, to finance Toledo's July 2000 "March of the Four Corners."

The meeting occurred during the world conference "Towards a Community of Democracies" organized by Mad Madeleine Albright and Soros's simultaneous World Forum on Democracy; Toledo's march, which attempted to stop the inauguration of Alberto Fujimori's third term, was a Jacobin assault, which left various buildings burned and people dead in Lima.

Vargas Llosa's charge confirms exactly what EIR exposed worldwide: That Toledo's campaign to bring down Fujimori was an operation run through Soros, Project Democracy, and the State Department, to re-install the drug mob in power in Peru. There is no one in Peru, certainly, who didn't think when this story broke: "LaRouche was right!"

Vargas Llosa said he knew the money was, indeed, received, but said Soros was not happy with the results of his "investment," and so when Toledo asked Soros for more money at their meeting in Davos, Switzerland in early 2001, Soros turned him down. On Sunday, April 22, Toledo admitted he received the money, but he insisted it was for "the struggle to defend democracy," and not for his campaign--"which would be illegal." Toledo campaign loyalist (and anti-LaRouche hitman) Gustavo Gorriti admitted he was also one of those at that Soros-Toledo Warsaw meeting, and tried to "clear" Toledo's name by claiming that Soros told them from the outset he would give money only once, and that a high-level official of Soros Fund Management had come to Lima later to get an accounting of the money, and he had gotten one. Asked, however, in what form and to whom Soros had given the money, Gorriti began stammering, and only said that it was "through non-traditional and very discreet channels!"

The story filled the headlines in Peru's press, and throughout Ibero-America. Exemplary was the headline of Peru's Ojo daily, which read: "Magnate Who Gave Him A Million Dollars Supports Legalization of Marijuana." Ojo also ran an article entitled, "Six Questions for Toledo," directly mimicking EIR's very famous "Ten Uncomfortable Questions for Alejandro Toledo," released by Ibero-American editor Dennis Small during a much-publicized May 2000 trip to Lima.

EIR has no answer yet, as to why Vargas Llosa, the son of the Trilateral Commission's favorite porn-writer, Mario Vargas Llosa, and a Mont Pelerin agent in his own right, suddenly pulled out of Toledo's campaign, and threw this bombshell, as well as other more prurient tales about his erstwhile candidate and buddy. The second round of elections, where Toledo confronts former President Alan Garcia, are to be held within a few weeks, but no date has yet been set.

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