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Sept. 11 Coup Plot Analysis
Discussed Throughout Iran

by our Special Correspondent

Lyndon LaRouche's analysis of the Sept. 11 attempted coup d'état was widely discussed over the past week, in Iran. On March 4, LaRouche gave a telephone interview to the Voice of the Islamic Republic of Iran, English-language radio, which was broadcast four times. A Persian summary of the interview was issued as a release to the major press; National radio and television (in Farsi) carried it on March 8, on prime-time news programs, and it appeared in the written media, Tehran Times, Jumhuri Islami (Farsi), and others. On March 8, former President Hashemi Rafsanjani cited LaRouche and his analysis during a speech following Friday prayers in Tehran.

EIR representative Muriel Mirak-Weissbach delivered a speech on the subject March 5, during the concluding session of the 12th International Conference on the Persian Gulf. The conference was dedicated to the theme, "The Persian Gulf—Asia in the Light of New International Developments." The speech was well received, and commended by the panel chairman as "extremely realistic;" he said "it may be shocking and surprising, but it is realistic, and we have to face reality."

Tehran Times began to serialize an excerpted form of the speech on March 11, following an interview with Mirak Weissbach. The piece began on the first page, under the title, "Sept. 11 Plotters Aimed to Spark 'Clash of Civilizations' ", and went on: "A U.S. Presidential candidate in the 2000 election, Lyndon H. LaRouche, who is also a Democratic Presidential pre-candidate in 2004, recently made some revelations about the September 11 incidents." On the inside page, the same text appears, followed by the interview with Mirak-Weissbach.

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