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'Time To Go, Joe'

NEW YORK, July 30, 2002 (EIRNS)—A LaRouche movement intervention against Sen. Joe Lieberman drew blood today at Lieberman's Democratic Leadership Council New York conference. Havoc ensued when LaRouche Democrats intervened against Lieberman's speech, which was a defense of Wall Street from "populism" in the party. To his shock, the LaRouche Democrats' McCain-Lieberman report was distributed as part of the official program, while 15-16 people were rallying outside with 5,000 leaflets and chants such as:

Hey, Joe! Say it ain't so!
You're Bill Buckley's favorite ho!


Lieberman works for Steinhardt's crooks,
He helps Wall Street cook the books.

While Lieberman was at the podium, a stocky LaRouche associate emerged from backstage, wearing a black shirt, white tie, black hat with feathers coming out of the top. He said, (very loudly) "Hey Joey, this is Vinnie 'Water' Mocassino.... I got the sack of money.... Where do you want me to put the money? I got the money from Steinhardt." Lieberman looked, but kept talking. Hillary Clinton, sitting on the podium, looked stunned. "Vinnie" continued, "Hey, Joey, where do you want me to put the money? I got the money from Steinhardt!" Lieberman was now stumped, until security finally reacted. As "Vinnie" was being dragged of,f he protested, "They don't treat the family right any more ... back in Havana they treat the family right." The reference to the sources of DLC megabucks Michael Steinhardt's money, and substantial Lieberman campaign funds, could not be missed.

Shortly, other LaRouche Democrats struck up a song in the auditorium, to the theme of the old Patty Duke show, "They're a pair," lampooning Lieberman's pro-war alliance with Republican John McCain, attacking both as fascists, wanting to kill Arafat and attack Iraq and Iran at once.

Republicans have John McCain
He'd nuke Iraq to kill Hussein,
But Lieberman's a Democrat,
Who wants to murder Arafat

Yeah, they are both Insane,
'Cause they're fascists,
Identical fascists, there's no doubt;
If Bush doesn't bomb Iraq now
They'll try to throw him out.

After the first verse, 15 security men descended upon the trio, but merely moved them into the overflow room, where they were able to sing the whole song before the crowd there.

Pandemonium ensued. Out on the street, politicos limos stopped by a LaRouche Democrats' rally to pick up lit. THey were interviewed by Associated Press, and a reporter from the Hartford Courant: the singers were escorted out, and a camera filmed the entire intervention.

LaRouche's "flanking operation" to get a serious anti-Depression "FDR" opposition centered in the Democratic Party, is picking up steam, and aims to distribute 5 million leaflets and reports by Labor Day to "stop Lieberman and McCain."

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