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Is Your Clergyman or Congressman
a Moonie Sex-Cultist?

Nov. 13, 2002 (EIRNS)—The following statement was issued today as a leaflet by the LaRouche in 2004 Presidential campaign committee.

Lyndon LaRouche, the leading qualified candidate for the 2004 Democratic Party Presidential nomination, has a few very important questions for you. Is your priest, your minister, your imam, or your rabbi, a Moonie? Is your U.S. Congressman or Senator a Moonie? Do you know the answer? Your future and the future of this entire nation may rest on the answers to those questions—and what you choose to do about it if the answers to any of them are "yes."

Here's why: The Unification Church of Reverend Sun Myung Moon, otherwise known as the Moonies, is the biggest single source of corruption and perversion in the United States today. The Moonies, through scores of front groups, are spreading literally billions of dollars a year in offshore laundered money—some of it almost certainly derived from the sales of illegal drugs and weapons—to buy off American politicians, religious leaders, former civil rights activists, and other constituency leaders. The dirty money is frequently followed by sexual favors from an army of young women—all brainwashed into Moon's bizarre sexual rituals.

Among the most well-known Senators and Congressmen who have been bought off by Moon's dirty money: Sen. Joseph Lieberman (D-Conn.), Sen. John McCain (R-Ariz.), Sen. Rick Santorum (R-Pa.), and Rep. Dan Burton (R-Ind.).

If you thought the Iran-Contra affair or the so-called "Chinagate" scandal was a big deal, you will be shocked to learn about "Moongate," the scandal that the entire American Establishment media has systematically covered up.

Here are some of the basic, undisputed facts:

  • Back in the 1950s, Reverend Sun Myung Moon was picked up by a group of ultra-right-wing American and Korean intelligence agents, who promoted him because he already had a track record of arrests for sexual crimes, which had landed him in jail in both North and South Korea.

    Under the sponsorship of the KCIA's Col. Bo Hi Pak, and a group of U.S. and British intelligence agents linked to William F. Buckley, Jr., and to the Moral Rearmament Movement of Nazi sympathizer Frank Buchman, Moon launched his Unification Church. From the outset, it was a front for the Asian Peoples and World Anti-Communist Leagues, which assembled a collection of Japanese right-wing Yakuza gangsters and war criminals, wartime Nazi and Fascist escapees, and other low-lifes, to build a so-called resistance paramilitary apparatus, in the event of a Communist takeover in Asia, Europe, or the Americas. This apparatus, into which Moon was inducted, made up the core of all subsequent international right-wing terrorist operations.

Moon's Satanic Theology

  • Moon's "theology" is outright Satanic. Moon, in scores of published locations, declares himself to be the "True Parent," chosen by God to complete the failed mission of Jesus Christ, who was crucified before he could take a wife and father a new super-race of human beings free from original sin. Moon's now-notorious mass-marriage ceremonies claim to be the launching of precisely this new super-race, with Reverend and Mrs. Moon as the "True Parents." This kind of "super-race" ideology comes right out of the pages of Friedrich Nietzsche and Adolf Hitler.

    In a July 4, 2002 full-page ad in his own Washington Times newspaper, Moon blasphemed every monotheistic religion, by publishing purported quotes from Jesus Christ, the Prophet Mohammed, Moses, and God, all pronouncing Reverend Moon the only true Son of God.

    Some aspects of Moon's theology are more graphically Satanic and scatalogical, as in a speech that he delivered in Buenos Aires, Argentina on Nov. 23, 1996—with former President George Bush at his side. Moon asked: "When you defecate, do you use a mask? This is no laughing matter, this is serious. When you were kids, did you ever taste the cooties from your nose? Why didn't you feel they were dirty? Because that's a part of your body. The Reverend Moon has discovered something that no one else had thought about." The full text of the speech appeared in the Washington Times.
  • In the 1980s, money from Moonie front groups, like CAUSA, bankrolled two of the biggest narco-coups in memory: the 1980 "Cocaine Colonels coup" in Bolivia, and the military takeover of Honduras by a group of generals and colonels who would later be prosecuted by the U.S. Justice Department for smuggling $10 million of cocaine into the United States.

    From 1973 on, the Moonies operated freely under the military dictatorship in Uruguay, laundering vast sums of money through Montevideo banks, which they purchased with the collusion of the dictators. In one short period in 1996 alone, according to Uruguayan news accounts, the Moonie-owned Banco de Credito received $80 million in cash deposits, delivered by over 4,000 Japanese women, all members of the Moon cult. The source of the money was never determined; nevertheless, some of the funds were laundered into the United States to finance Moon's corrupt operations. The Washington Times newspaper, which Moon and Bo Hi Pak launched in 1982, has lost between $30-100 million a year, but continues to publish, largely on the basis of the bottomless flow of Moonie offshore cash, according to several published accounts of the Moon empire.

The Sharon Connection

All of these Moonie links to the South and Central American narco-terror apparatus were established in close collusion with the radical right-wing circles of Prime Minister Ariel Sharon in Israel, which are now behind the Nazi-modelled genocide of the Palestinians in the West Bank and Gaza Strip. The Moonie-Sharon connection was established by the late Joseph Churba, a top operative for Moon's CAUSA, who had earlier been a co-founder of the terrorist Jewish Defense League of Rabbi Meir Kahane. Churba, along with Col. Bo Hi Pak, hosted a series of Moonie CAUSA conferences in Tel Aviv, Israel in 1986, which were addressed by "Dirty Rafi" Eytan, the controller of convicted Israeli spy Jonathan Jay Pollard, and a notorious Mossad killer; and Yossef Bodansky, another suspected member of the Pollard spy ring, whose covers included writing for the Moonie Washington Times.

  • In the 1990s, Moonie cash and sex bought up control over the entire so-called "Christian Zionist" apparatus, beginning with the not-so Reverend Jerry Falwell, who ripped off his own supporters for a reported $73 million, and then went onto the Moonie payroll. Other leading so-called Christian rightists, from Gary Bauer, to Tim and Beverley LaHaye, to Pat Robertson, and America's own "Cocaine Colonel" Oliver North, have all grovelled for Moonie cash.

    Yet, despite this long-standing association with the most rabid radical rightists in America, Moon has also succeeded, recently, in spreading his dirty money all over the African-American and Muslim-American communities. In 2001, Moon did a 52-city tour of the United States, during which, he was hosted, at every stop along the way, by leading African-American clerics, who were, in many cases, bought off by gold watches, manufactured at factories owned by Reverend Moon. Moon's operators, like Rev. Michael Jenkins, who runs the Moon church in America, have similarly penetrated the Islamic community—always "failing" to inform their unsuspecting targets that Moon is in bed with the same Jerry Falwell, who recently denounced the Prophet Mohammed as "a terrorist," on CBS-TV's "Sixty Minutes" program.

House-Cleaning Needed

With the global financial system crashing down, with the U.S. economy already in the throes of a depression collapse worse than that of the 1930s, with the present leadership of both the Democratic and Republican Parties hopelessly corrupted and incompetent, the Moon cult is serving a bankrupt Anglo-American financier oligarchy as a kind of killer virus, spreading corruption and perversion into every level of the religious and political community in America, to stifle any effective organized resistance to the accelerating collapse into a New Dark Age.

Political leadership in a time of grave crisis, like the present, requires men and women possessed of great moral courage—the kind of moral courage that rejects the offerings of a Satanic lunatic like Moon and his right-wing spook controllers. This is why Lyndon LaRouche is willing and ready to ask the hard questions, and to provide the vitally needed solutions to a world facing depression and war. LaRouche is demanding that the U.S. Congress and the Executive Branch launch a full-scale cleanup of this Moonie poison. Join LaRouche in demanding that this dirty-money contamination of some of the nation's most precious institutions be cleaned up before it is too late.

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