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August 5, 2003

From the Editors of EIR:

Former EIR correspondents and/or contributors Marivilia Carrasco (Mexico), Lorenzo Carrasco and Silvia Palacios (Brazil), Gerardo Terán and Diana Olaya de Terán (Argentina), and Angel Palacios (Guadalajara, Mexico), are no longer associated with Executive Intelligence Review, or with any of the publications and political organizations associated with Lyndon LaRouche.

These former collaborators of LaRouche broke with him politically and philosophically over the substantive issue of LaRouche's continuing public exposure, since 1984, of Synarchism, the formal name for universal fascism. The trigger for this break with LaRouche, was LaRouche's successful public exposure, internationally, of the Synarchist networks behind U.S. Vice-President Dick "Yellowcake" Cheney.

It was the same Synarchism associated with Cheney today, which had created the fascist governments of Italy, Germany, Spain, Vichy and Laval France, and others, which had attempted world-conquest under the leadership of Adolf Hitler. These Synarchists, then deployed by Hitler's Nazi Party through Franco's Spain, had used their channels through Mexico for a massive Nazi penetration of South America. This Synarchist network, built around an occult freemasonic cabal, continued to operate, with its right and left components, within the Americas even after the Nazis' defeat, and is presently increasingly active today. It functions, now as then, as a network of fascist organizations in South and Central America still today, organizations with deep ties to fascist organizations presently based in Spain, France, and Italy. Carrasco et al. associated themselves publicly with defense of the same Synarchist tradition, by name, behind the Nazi Party's massive penetration of Mexico and South American nations during the 1930s and early 1940s.

The anti-fascist LaRouche movement, and this publication, are committed to the policy outlook towards Ibero-America presented by U.S. Presidential candidate Lyndon LaRouche in his 1982 report, Operation Juárez. EIR's editorial policies are:

  • the defense of the sovereign nation-state;

  • the physical and political integration of the nations of Ibero-America, toward the construction of a new, just global financial system to replace the bankrupt IMF system;

  • the building of infrastructure projects, to bring progress to the region;

and, above all,

  • the concept of man as uniquely endowed by his Creator with the power of creative cognition — a power which the Synarchists are fanatically determined to subvert in favor of a return to medieval, so-called "integrist" or "ultramontane" forms of imperialism.

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