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Former EIR Argentina Correspondent
Reports Threat

LEESBURG, Virginia, Aug. 8, 2003 (EIRNS)—The following exchange of letters took place Aug. 7 between EIR's former correspondent in Argentina, Gerardo Terán, and Lyndon LaRouche. We publish it here, by mutual consent of both parties.

August 7, 2003

Dear Lyn:

As you know, I have resigned from EIR and all activity having to do with the Labor Committees. I did so to my immediate superior, Dennis Small.

It was with surprise that I read the note in the briefing on our exit, not because of the fact of same, but because of the commentary implying that we are sympathizers, or something similar, of the synarchists and Nazis, etc.

Yesterday, at 4:15 p.m., we received a call (phone no. 4831-9248) from a man who said the following: "Is Gerardo there?" The person answering said, "who's calling?" to which the man replied, "Tell Gerardo that he is a Nazi, son of a thousand bitches, a Nazi son of a bitch, and that he should watch out."

Based on my experience in Colombia, you know the importance of these types of incidents, which have occurred previously also in Argentina.

As you know, the B'nai B'rith in Argentina once demanded our expulsion, and organized a big press campaign, accusing us of the same thing [as the above]. Said campaign led to an international security alert.

While I don't believe that the fact of this incident having occurred is your fault, or that of the ICLC[*], I do consider it to be an indirect result, of someone having read the information in the briefing, or having been told about it.

As I believe that this information has not yet been made public, in publications, among contacts and others, I ask that this untruth be corrected. Neither I nor my wife Diana, are Nazis, synarchists, or fascists, nor do we coordinate with organizations or persons alien to the ICLC. This I can assure you, swearing so before God. We did not learn to be loyal in the ICLC; we are loyal because of our family and Christian upbringing. We would not commit the crime of disloyalty, and resigned, as I indicated in my letter to Dennis, because we disagreed with recent procedures and publications.

Resorting to the obligatory exercise of my legitimate right to defense, as a father, husband and individual, I insist that you publish the truth, instead of assertions which leave a halo of suspicion over me, which could lead to incidents such as the aforementioned [threat], or something even more serious.

Gerardo Terán
Diana Olaya de Terán

[* International Caucus of Labor Committees, philosophical organization founded by Lyndon LaRouche.—ed.]

Reply from Lyndon LaRouche:

August 7, 2003 (6:24pm) ECT

Dear Gerardo:

Thank you for informing me of that suspicious communication you received. What you describe smells like a concoction fabricated by either my Synarchist enemies or some police agency. I have reviewed the implications of the language with Dennis, and, as a result of that assessment, I do take the implied threat of that message seriously, either as an attempt merely to panic you, or something more ugly. It should be seriously investigated on your behalf. Any assistance to you we might be able to provide in that investigation will be forthcoming.

Overall, I regard the Carrascos, you, and other erring persons of that persuasion as like prodigal sons and daughters. I also recognize, that although the crucial, leading issue in the formalities of the break was the issue of Synarchism, that not all who have joined Marivilia in retirement, even among those who, like Marivilia, had accepted the Synarchist interpretation of history, were necessarily of the intention to support, or apologize for Synarchism itself.

I have sought, from the beginning of Marivilia's threats, to attempt to resolve, or, at least, minimize the conflict. Her predetermined, "unequivocal" announcement of her resignation, without any actual deliberation of her defense of Synarchist-authored historical and other mythologies, created the present situation in ways beyond my control. Therefore, I draw minimal conclusions from the break, and have made it clear that the matter should be given an absolute minimum of attention, and that nothing be done to foster a further impairment of our personal relations. People have resigned; that ends the matter until they, or some among them, should wish to reconsider their actions, or simply to reopen contact.

Meanwhile, I have a war to fight, in my capacity as the equivalent of a commanding general in a world-wide war against the same Synarchist forces associated with Vice President Cheney, Ariel Sharon, and Blas Piñar. In that war, I aim resolutely at an early crushing defeat of those enemy forces. In that latter cause, I will be as ruthless in seizing victory wth my fist as prudence requires. I think you may enjoy that result.

My best wishes for you and your family,


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