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Synarchist-Profile `Class Struggle' Magazine in Brazil Trots Out Dennis King to Attack LaRouche

Sept. 1, 2003 (EIRNS)—The August 2003 issue of A Nova Democracia (A New Democracy), a Brazilian monthly magazine describing itself as voice of the class struggle of the masses for power, sports a front-page article attacking LaRouche as a fascist, under the title "Another CIA Group Infilitrates Brazil." The ostensible reason for the article, is that "the LaRouchist scheme ... today dominates a good part of the intellectual leaders of the national nuclear sector." To back up this (true) statement, however, A Nova Democracia quotes from the article, "The LaRouche Organization and the Brazilian Nuclear Sector," which is hardly "new news," as it was written some time ago by long-time Brazilian "Get LaRouche" operative, Mario Sergio Paranhos de Lima Porto. The publicity given to EIR's book exposing the British Crown's Worldwide Fund for Nature (WWF) by the Nuclear Energy Association of Brazil (ABEN) and in the Brazilian Senate in 2001, and Dr. Enéas Carneiro's support for Lyndon LaRouche, are among the proofs of LaRouche's influence in Brazil cited by A Nova Democracia.

And who is the source for the oh-so-leftist A Nova Democracia's screeching that the influence of "fascist CIA agent" LaRouche must be taken seriously in Brazil? None other than the favorite pothead scribbler of the U.S. neo-conservative war-mongers, the Smith Richardson Foundation's Dennis King, and his book, Lyndon LaRouche and the New American Fascism.

No one serious believes the crazy, lying inventions of Dennis King, but A Nova Democracia's decision to run a major attack on LaRouche, using King's lies, identifies the dirty U.S. connections which are behind King, as the source of this would-be slander. The U.S. intelligence networks behind King, et al., would seem to be running amok in Brazil right now.

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