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LaRouche Warns Democratic Party
National Leadership:
Don't Blow California Recall Victory

Oct. 1, 2003 (EIRNS)—The following press release was released today by the LaRouche in 2004 Presidential campaign committee.

Lyndon LaRouche, the tenth Democratic Party Presidential candidate, issued a stern warning today to the national Democratic Party leadership in Washington: Don't blow the still-winnable California Recall fight, or there will be Hell to pay.

Following LaRouche's own successful visit to Los Angeles from Sept. 10-12, and former President Bill Clinton's California intervention several days later, the path had been clearly set for the defeat of the Recall effort. However, subsequent failures by the national leadership of the Democratic Party, now jeopardize what had been a near-certain victory over the forces aiming to once again loot the state of California, on behalf of the Dick Cheney-linked energy pirates, and their "geek act" performer, Arnold Schwarzenegger.

The LaRouche campaign, led by hundreds of LaRouche Youth Movement activists, has so far distributed nearly a million pamphlets, in English and Spanish, exposing the Cheney crowd's looting of California, and offering a LaRouche-authored energy reregulation and reconstruction plan, that would create thousands of new productive jobs and restore and expand the State's energy grid. But back in Washington, top Democratic Party "strategists" have outright sabotaged the defeat-the-Recall campaign, by shifting the focus away from the only winnable approach: a fullscale exposé of the Cheney deregulators and their $70 billion ripoff of California.

LaRouche warned that it is not too late for the national Democratic leadership to do their job, and still secure a decisive victory on Oct. 7. But they must stop "horseing around," and join a final days' mobilization of the Democratic electorate in California. If the Recall is not defeated, it will only be the national Democratic Party leadership who will be to blame, LaRouche concluded, and he vowed to personally lead the effort to "take the scalps" of those responsible officials.

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