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Leading Iraqi Scholar Endorses
The `LaRouche Doctrine'

May 1, 2004 (EIRNS)—The following statement was issued today by the LaRouche in 2004 political campaign committee.

Dr. Ahmed Al-Kubaisi, leading Sunni religious personality and chairman of the United Iraqi Patriotic Movement, in discussions with EIR on April 28, said: "Convey in my name, Ahmed Al-Kubaisi, Iraqi Islamic scholar and Chairman of the United Iraqi Patriotic Movement, that I support Mr. LaRouche's proposals for a new U.S. policy in Iraq and the region which he has called the LaRouche Doctrine."

Al-Kubaisi also said that Al-Sa'a, a twice-weekly newspaper inside Iraq, which is the official publication of his movement, will publish the Arabic text of the "LaRouche Doctrine."

Al-Kubaisi, who often cites LaRouche in his prayer sermons, lectures and television interviews, has recently called LaRouche "the living conscience of the U.S." He established the United Iraqi Patriotic Movement immediately after the Anglo-American invasion of Iraq in April 2003. The Movement, he says, is open to all Iraqis, Muslims, Christians, and Jews.

Al-Kubaisi was born in Al-Anbar, the western Iraqi governorate which includes Al-Falluja, in 1934. He is a leading "Sunni" scholar not only in Iraq, but throughout the Arab world. He has also been chairman of the Iraqi Scholars Association, chairman and founder of the Islamic Studies faculty at the Emirates University, chairman of the Sharia department in the Iraqi Jurisdiction College, member of the Supreme Council of the Islamic University in Al-Medina, Saudi Arabia, and permanent guest of a popular Islamic Sharia television program on Dubai Television.

The LaRouche Doctrine, which is now circulating widely in Arabic, as well as in Spanish, French, Italian, German, and English, has also picked up the endorsement of a leading Egyptian scholar, Prof. Mohammed Selim. Prof. Selim, Director of the Center for Asian Studies at the University of Cairo, said, "I fully subscribe to this idea."