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Italy's Alleanza Popolare
Publishes `The LaRouche Doctrine'

ROME, May 1, 2004 (EIRNS)—The LaRouche Doctrine was reported in full in the official newspaper of Italy's UDEUR-Alleanza Popolare political party on May 1, Il Campanile, the official organ of the Italian party UDEUR-Alleanza Popolare, chaired by Clemente Mastella. Il Campanile published the entire text of the "LaRouche Doctrine" for Iraq in two articles signed by "Lyndon LaRouche, Democratic candidate." One is entitled "The U.S.A. Interest in Southwest Asia" ("L'interesse degli USA in Asia Occidentale"), and the second is called "The Fall of Olympus" ("Il crepuscolo dell'Olimpo"). Both articles are posted on the party's website www.ilcampanileonline.com (go to "News Esteri" section and search for keyword LaRouche).

Alleanza Popolare is part of the opposition, but mantains an independent position on the Iraq War, which allows them to have a special dialogue with the government coalition. The party has enough strength to have a recognized political group of parliamentarians both in the Chamber of Deputies and in the Senate. Alleanza Popolare represents a part of the old Christian Democracy (DC) of Aldo Moro and Giulio Andreotti before it split off after the 1992 "Clean Hands" operation. Clemente Mastella, is also vice president of the Chamber of Deputies. The other known national leader of the party is Mino Martinazzoli, another historical DC leader.