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The Beast-Men, Ignoble Liars
Behind Bush's No-Exit War

by Lyndon LaRouche and
Executive Intelligence Review (EIR)
(in Japanese)
Edited by Ryu Ohta
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A half-century ago, Japan was made into a nuclear target, by a secret group with anti-human theories, who took control of Anglo-U.S. policy after the death of Franklin D. Roosevelt. FDR and General MacArthur opposed the use of the bomb against defeated Japan, in fact, as senseless and inhumane. But Sir Winston Churchill and co-thinkers, such as U.S. Air Force Maj. Gen. Curtis LeMay, convinced the fool Harry S Truman to use the bomb, on Hiroshima and Nagasaki.

Today, a secret group with the same anti-human theories, led by Vice President Dick Cheney, after Sept. 11 has seized control of the Bush Administration, and is pushing the world towards possible nuclear war, due to their radical "preventive first strike" military doctrine. This "neo-conservative" (neo-con) doctrine is anti-American, against the principles of the American Revolution. But use of "preventive first strike" doctrine in Iraq, or in North Korea, may again make Japan a strike-back nuclear target.

On April 26, the book exposing this secret group was published for the first time in Japanese in Tokyo, by Lyndon H. LaRouche, Jr..

This is the explosive book which has rocked Washington, caused top specialists to quit the Bush Administration, caused an investigation in Congress, and a legal prosecution of Cheney in the U.S. courts, which will lead to Cheney being fired, and perhaps thrown in jail. This book shows the secret origin of the pre-emptive nuclear war doctrine.

It proves that after Cheney became U.S. Defense Secretary, he, his deputy Paul Wolfowitz and the same neo-cons in power today, wrote a detailed plan for "preventive first strike"—in 1991. With the U.S.S.R. fallen, they wrote, we should use "preventive war" to stop any nation, from ever becoming a competitor—not only Russia and China, but even Europe and Japan, our allies. It proposed to "test drive" the policy, against unpopular regimes in Iraq and North Korea. It caused such a scandal, Bush Senior had to stop it—ten years before Sept. 11, 2001.

The book quotes in their own words, from key writing of Cheney, Paul Wolfowitz, and their teachers such as Leo Strauss, his teacher Carl Schmitt and Alexandre Kojève—to prove that the neo-cons are "textbook fascists." They openly promote the school of Lord Bertrand Russell, Sir Winston Churchill, and their "first strike" theory, who insisted on A-bombing Japan. Worse, Strauss and Kojève also openly promote the same philosophy of fascism written by Strauss's teacher Carl Schmitt, who served as a Chief Justice under the Nazi regime in Germany, and who wrote the 1933 Emergency Decrees which allowed Adolf Hitler to take power. While Hitler was a nobody, the Nazi party conspired to burn down the Reichstag (Parliament) in Berlin in 1933, blaming it on a "terrorist," and used this as the excuse for emergency decrees to create Hitler's dictatorship.

Carl Schmitt wrote that 1933 emergency decree, and his student Leo Strauss taught, that a small elite group should always run society in this way, because "might makes right." This same policy was revived again, after what LaRouche calls "Mr. Cheney's Reichstag Fire": Sept. 11, 2001.

Leo Strauss's students today, the "Children of Satan," are a large global network, who have taken over key places in Western universities, as well as governments and media, to preach this immoral philosophy of "might makes right." In fact, they deny the existence of Truth. Leo Strauss wrote that the elite has the right to lie to achieve their ends. Cheney and his neo-cons are notorious liars, who believe like their philosophical godfather, that they have the right to lie to the public.

The neo-cons are not real Americans, and this is no "anti-American" book. EIR and its Founding Editor Lyndon LaRouche represent the real Americans who are proud to ally with Japan. But the neo-con "first strike" doctrine, is designed to erase the idea of "national sovereignty" from the Earth. They plan to erase the founding idea of the U.S.A., and to bring back the old fascist and elitist theories of feudalism.

Japan's people have a right to the truth.

This book can destroy the false doctrine of "preventive war," which failed at Pearl Harbor, caused intolerable disaster at Hiroshima and Nagasaki, and must be entirely banned, for the sake of the national security of both the United States and Japan.

Now selling like rice-cakes in stores around Japan. Overseen by independent Japanese author Ohta Ryu, the book includes most of LaRouche's first Children of Satan pamphlet and subsequent EIR exposés on the neo-cons. It features five articles by LaRouche, including "The Essential Fraud of Leo Strauss," nine by Jeffrey Steinberg, including "Synarchism: the Fascist Roots of the Wolfowitz Cabal," Tony Papert's "The Secret Kingdom of Leo Strauss"—twenty-three EIR pieces in total.

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