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This release appears in the October 29, 2004 issue of Executive Intelligence Review.

LaRouche Warns of
Nazi Reactivation in Europe
and the Americas

This press release was issued by EIR on Oct. 18.

Former U.S. Presidential pre-candidate Lyndon LaRouche, currently head of the LaRouche Political Action Committee, today issued an alert that the world has entered "a new phase in the mobilization for fascist world government, which amplifies the significance of the already existing Italian, Spanish, and French elements of the Nazi International." LaRouche specified that these Synarchist-controlled networks are behind the ongoing efforts to concoct a slander operation against him—whether from the United States, Europe, or Central and South America—in the closing weeks of the U.S. Presidential campaign, in which LaRouche's efforts could deliver the decisive margin of victory to John Kerry over the fascist policies represented by the Cheney-Bush ticket.

LaRouche said that the signal for this new phase is the recent agreement of two fascist German organizations, the NPD (National Democratic Party) and the DVU (German People's Union), to merge for the upcoming German Federal elections. The NPD and DVU had an alliance in the Sept. 19, 2004 state elections, in which both groups backed NPD candidates in Saxony, and both supported DVU candidates in Brandenburg.

"That's the signal. When you get the southern part of this Nazi revival, organized in a significant way in Germany, then you have a real problem. You don't have a threat; you have an actual problem. And in the case of the current economic crisis in Europe, you've got a serious problem. This apparatus is mobilizing under conditions of accelerating breakdown economic and financial crisis, in which there is an inability of governments, to govern. All of the conditions exist for the sudden releasing of a previously existing Nazi International, which has now surfaced. And the development in Germany, under the circumstances of the Hartz IV fiscal austerity issue, is the key to the kick-off."

The NPD is part of a Europe-wide fascist movement recently formalized as a new "European National Front," whose existence is promoted on a website ( established in September 2004, and managed by the Spanish Falange (FE). The alliance first surfaced in a November 2002 meeting in Madrid, sponsored by the FE and Spain's Fuerza Nueva of Blas Piñar, which brought together Italy's Forza Nuova (of Alessandra Mussolini ally Roberto Fiore), France's Front National (of Jean-Marie Le Pen), Argentina's PPR party, and others. It now includes Romania's Noua Dreapta (followers of the first head of Hitler's Romanian Iron Guard, Corneliu Codreanu), and like-minded groups in Slovakia, Bulgaria, Poland, Greece, the Czech Republic, and England.

A half-dozen "summer camps" were just held by these groups, in which indoctrination in fascist ideology, "alternative music" concerts, and training in "martial arts" were emphasized. The camps, designed to turn out hard-core Nazis, were held at undisclosed locations in Slovakia (July 2-4), Germany (July 23-25), Romania (Aug. 5-8), Bulgaria (Sept. 17-19), and Italy (Oct. 2-3).

The Romanian gathering featured various international delegates, including Jonathan Fain of the National Alliance of the U.S., who "delivered short speeches stressing the need of real political cooperation between nationalists, despite all obstacles," in the words of Noua Dreapta's website. The National Alliance is the main Nazi organization in the U.S. and was created by the late William Pierce, author of the Turner Diaries, a copy of which was found with Timothy McVeigh when he was arrested, and which was—according to some accounts—the basis for the Oklahoma City bombing.

LaRouche also pointed out that there are Ibero-American networks that are part of this operation. "It's a revival of the Nazi International, explicitly. The oligarchy runs it on the basis of having combustible material. And the combustible material is constituted by these idiots, who get sucked into this blood-and-soil ideology of 'Hispanidad,' like the case of the Cristeros in Mexico," in the first half of the 20th Century. "We know they were Nazis. The Nazi Party officially walked in, and took over the Cristeros."

LaRouche pointed to various turncoats from his organization in Central and South America, such as the Carrasco clan, Ricardo Olvera, and Fernando Quijano, who have been recruited into this international fascist network. They are typical of those associated with Spain's Blas Piñar et al. LaRouche emphasized that intended attacks against him and his movement, would naturally come from these fascist circles, and often virulently anti-Semitic networks and their controllers operating from behind the screen of certain factions of religious bodies functioning in the tradition of the post-World War II Nazi "rat line" networks.

An Example: The Carrasco Case

Both Marivilia Carrasco and her brother Lorenzo Carrasco, broke with LaRouche in August 2003 explicitly over his attack against Synarchism, while loudly defending the cause of the Cristeros. Fernando Quijano was promoting Hispanidad and related fascist worldviews from the late 1980s on. Similarly, Ricardo Olvera, whose departure from the LaRouche organization followed on the heels of a 1992 speech he delivered, which concluded with "Viva Cristo Rey!"—the trademark cry of the Cristeros—today is the editor of the Spanish-language El Heraldo Católico, published by the Catholic Archdiocese of San Francisco, for all of northern California. In the October 2004 issue of that paper, Olvera penned a lengthy defense of the "armed resistance of the Cristeros," and the 1920s Synarchist ideologue José Vasconcelos, while promoting the cause of Hispanidad.

LaRouche explained: "As for Olvera, the Carrascos—we know these are people, who, when they were told at the close of the 1980s that LaRouche was going to be crushed by certain U.S. government circles, went over to join the Nazis. So, they followed the cowardly self-proclaimed U.S. agent Fernando Quijano, who had already degenerated morally and intellectually in joining the same fascist networks associated with right-wing U.S. families such as the Buckleys."

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