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Schiller Institute To Hold
President's Day Conference on
`A New World Agenda:
Stop the Genocide!'

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Jan. 31, 2005 (EIRNS)—The following invitation was issued today by the Schiller Institute.

Speaking at an EIR seminar of Eurasian dignitaries in Berlin, Germany, on Jan. 12, leading Democrat and American statesman Lyndon LaRouche identified the immediate period ahead as a "revolutionary opportunity," for shifting the world situation decisively toward a new, just world monetary system, and away from the precipice of a New Dark Age. On Feb. 19-20, the discussion process begun in Berlin will be taken up again at the semi-annual conference of the LaRouche Movement in the United States, which will be held in locations on both coasts, near Washington, D.C., and Los Angeles, respectively.

The Schiller Institute and International Caucus of Labor Committees cordially invite citizens from all walks of life, and distinguished diplomats in this country, to attend this conference. Conference proceedings will heavily feature the participation of youth from 18 to 25 years of age, as befits the rapid, ongoing growth of the LaRouche Youth Movement. For those who cannot attend, the conference will be webcast live, starting at 1:00 p.m. Eastern Standard Time, on the Schiller Institute's website, www.schillerinstitute.org, and also on Executive Intelligence Review's website, www.larouchepub.com.

In his opening presentation to the Berlin Seminar, LaRouche emphasized that the solution to the global financial, economic, and strategic crisis must emerge from the United States, despite the insanity prevailing in the George W. Bush Administration. A U.S. restored to Constitutional rule is the only potential block to the policy of chaos, and global genocide, which got a foothold in the United States after FDR's death, and took over with the adoption of Henry Kissinger's NSSM 200 policy in the 1970s.

Once the Bush Administration has been turned into a lame duck, urgent moves must be taken toward a new long-term agreement among sovereign nations, for equal and just access to existing raw materials resources, as well as the development of new categories of resources. Such a new global arrangement should be along the lines of a new Treaty of Westphalia, LaRouche said, the 1648 treaty which ended the period of European religious wars by installing the principles of the nation-state, and each nation pursuing "the advantage of the other." To carry this out, means freeing the world of the global financial authorities which now control all governments, and installing a New Bretton Woods system between the United States and the states of Eurasia.

Right now, the global crisis, LaRouche said, defines a moment of discontinuity, which is also a revolutionary opportunity, specifically the opportunity to reassert the U.S. Constitution against the virtual fascist coup by the Bush Administration. He put it this way:

"We're sitting, as of now, in the weeks before us, on the edge of a discontinuity. And the discontinuity will be decided—it could have been decided this past week. When people stood up in the Congress, and said, 'We do not support the certification of Bush in the vote for Ohio,' that was a turning-point, in the politics of the United States. Now, the fight will be on two things: The Gonzales issue, the question of Abu Ghraib—that's important. It's not decisive: The Social Security question is decisive. If we lose the Social Security question, if that goes through, then we've lost. And if we've lost, the world's going into a Dark Age.

"If we win the Social Security issue, then Bush is a lame duck. And the government will now fall back into the hands of the Congress, through a combination of Republicans and Democrats. Under those conditions, we have a chance."

For more information on the Presidents Day Conference, call 1-888-347-3258.