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LaRouche To Hold Webcast
November 16 on
"The Tasks Before Us
In the Post-Cheney Era"

Nov. 3, 2005 (EIRNS)—The following announcement was issued today by the Lyndon LaRouche Political Action Committee.

On Wednesday, November 16, 2005, at 1:00 p.m. Eastern Time, leading economist and American statesman Lyndon LaRouche will give his first webcast of the post-Cheney era. From September 2002 onward, LaRouche has pinpointed Vice President Dick Cheney as the ringleader of the permanent war faction in the Bush Admnistration, and has fought, against all those who said it couldn't be done, for his removal from office, as the precondition for a desperately needed shift in U.S. economic and foreign policy. Now that the Libby indictment has set the political demise of Cheney inexorably into motion, LaRouche will address the measures that must be taken.

"The fundamental issue underlying the crime of revealing the protected CIA identity of Valerie Plame Wilson is that of lying and complicity in fraud against the government and Constitution of the U.S.A. by Vice-President Cheney and others, for the purpose of creating a fraudulent pretext for engaging the U.S.A. in a new war in Iraq," said LaRouche in the wake of the Libby indictment.

This issue must be addressed, not only on the level of cleaning out the operatives in government who have carried out this fraud, but also on the higher levels indicated by the involvement of advocates of the Fascist International, such as Michael Ledeen, who played a crucial role in devising the yellowcake swindle which was used to con the Congress into war.

In a statement issued on November 2, and now circulating as a mass leaflet, LaRouche called on Cheney to be removed from office now. "Cheney has been exposed, by his actions, as well as by the investigation of Special Counsel Fitzgerald, as a liar and a torturer. These actions pass well beyond the standard of high crimes and misdemeanors of our U.S. Federal Constitution, and have implications tantamount to treason in their effects," LaRouche said.

Cheney 's removal is the essential precondition for us to immediately move to reassert Constitutional principles, starting with the commitment to promoting the general welfare, which is enshrined in the Preamble to the U.S. Constitution, LaRouche argues. In the face of the onrushing world economic and financial breakdown, this will mean taking emergency measures for bankruptcy reorganization, forging international agreements for protection of crucial industry and agriculture, and launching massive infrastructure projects funded by long-term, low-interest government credit.

LaRouche will address all these issues, and more, on November 16, in a webcast that will be available internationally on www.larouchepac.com and www.larouchepub.com. Those who wish to attend the Washington, D.C. event from which the webcast will emanate should call 1-800-929-7566, or 1-888-347-3258.