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LaRouche: Mexico's López Obrador Is Right To Say the Calderón Gang Intends To Rape Mexico and Its People

July 10, 2006 (EIRNS)—Former U.S. Presidential candidate and renowned economist Lyndon LaRouche commented today on the speech delivered by Mexican Presidential candidate Andrés Manuel López Obrador on July 8, before a crowd of up to a half-million people gathered in Mexico City's central plaza, in which López Obrador announced that he was challenging the July 2 Presidential elections, and demanding a vote-by-vote recount.

"To use plain English, López Obrador said that the gang around PAN candidate Felipe Calderón intends to rape Mexico and its people. People throughout the hemisphere must take López Obrador's warnings seriously. The very fate of the hemisphere hangs in the balance. Join with me and with the New York Times to crush this atrocity," LaRouche stated.

LaRouche elaborated on the context of the Mexican developments, and the programmatic measures that must be taken:

"Ibero-America is being brought together around the alliance in which Argentine President Nestor Kirchner has been key, and Kirchner's dealing with Venezuela has been crucial in doing that. Now the question arises: Where does Mexico fit in, in terms of this attempt to unify the region?

"People should refer back to my Operation Juárez. That was in 1982, but it's still the program for today. The world situation is somewhat different, but the principal is the same. And therefore the point is, there should be an orientation toward building up in the Americas this chain of cooperation among sovereign nation states."

In light of the activities of the Nazi U.S. banker Felix Rohatyn of Lazard Frères, and his associates in Mexico and elsewhere, LaRouche underscored:

"It has to be emphasized that there is no cheap credit available. There is none. There is only Dracula credit available, which gives the opportunity for a lender to suck your blood and give you nothing. Therefore you must create a mechanism of credit, which has to be a new mechanism of credit, by putting the old system, which is bankrupt, into reorganization.

"Operation Juárez is the principle it's based on." LaRouche reiterated. "The orientation has not changed. Back then, we were fighting to defend Mexico against what was coming out of the United States. And now Mexico has experienced what was coming out of the United States then, with a loss of its economy and its sovereignty. Don't trust any private lenders who are not controlled by some kind of coalition of governments, to make sure the credit is long-term, cheap, and that it goes into infrastructure—public works primarily, and industries which are stimulated by public works. This is where we stand now.

"López Obrador is absolutely right in saying that what they are doing, is that they are looting Mexico and its people by sucking them into the United States, like a great vacuum cleaner, through the sucking power of poverty, and looting.

"We don't want risk capital investments as such," LaRouche summarized. "What we need throughout the hemisphere is long-term investments in solid, basic economic infrastructure, as a stimulant for every section of the economy." LaRouche pointed to his standing proposal that Mexico should develop its oil industry as a transition to a nuclear energy-based, high-technology economy, as an example of the kind of policy that is required.

"Study what's going on in Russia, what's going on in Europe, what's going on in China," LaRouche suggested. "Don't believe fairy tales; don't believe the tequila dreams that some promote."

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