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LaRouche to Mercosur Summit:
We Need Large-Scale
Development Programs, Now!

July 19, 2006 (EIRNS)—On the eve of the July 20-21 summit meeting of Mercosur (the Common Market of the South) in Cordoba, Argentina, which will be attended by ten heads of state from across South America, former U.S. Presidential candidate Lyndon LaRouche issued a statement supporting Mercosur's efforts to launch major infrastructure and other development programs in the region.

"We have been fighting for this since 1982," LaRouche stated, "with the presentation of our study 'Operation Juarez.' Now times have changed, conditions have changed, but in principle, the same thing is required. We have to reorganize the debts of the hemisphere, so we can use the pooling of the debts as a source of credit, under treaty agreements among nations. Because we need large-scale development programs now, especially with the world system collapsing the way it's collapsing."

Mr. LaRouche has just issued a new document entitled "The Strategic Significance of the Hit on India," which addresses these issues in depth, and which is available in English on and in Spanish translation at LaRouche's historic 1982 study "Operation Juarez" can also be found on both sites.

LaRouche added: "We have been posing this policy for decades, and we recommend it to people today. Obviously, our sympathies are with what Mercosur is trying to do on this basis. What Mercosur may be able to do would be a vehicle for getting something like this into motion. And so we wish you success in this stage of your continuing adventure," LaRouche told the Mercosur gathering.

The U.S. statesman added: "It is important to reiterate here what I stated on July 10, in my widely distributed remarks on candidate Andres Manuel Lopez Obrador's call for a vote-by-vote recount of the July 2 Mexican Presidential election: 'To use plain English, Lopez Obrador said that the gang around PAN candidate Felipe Calderon intends to rape Mexico and its people. People throughout the hemisphere must take Lopez Obrador's warnings seriously. The very fate of the hemisphere hangs in the balance. Join with me and with the New York Times to crush this atrocity.

"'Ibero-America is being brought together around the alliance in which Argentine President Nestor Kirchner has been key, and Kirchner's dealing with Venezuela has been crucial in doing that. Now the question arises: Where does Mexico fit in, in terms of this attempt to unify the region?

"'In light of the activities of the Nazi U.S. banker Felix Rohatyn of Lazard Freres, and his associates in Mexico and elsewhere, it has to be emphasized that there is no cheap credit available. There is none. There is only Dracula credit available, which gives the opportunity for a lender to suck your blood and give you nothing. Therefore you must create a mechanism of credit, which has to be a new mechanism of credit, by putting the old system, which is bankrupt, into reorganization.

"'Don't trust any private lenders who are not controlled by some kind of coalition of governments, to make sure the credit is long-term, cheap, and that it goes into infrastructure—public works primarily, and industries which are stimulated by public works. What we need throughout the hemisphere is long-term investments in solid, basic economic infrastructure, as a stimulant for every section of the economy.' "

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