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LaRouche Youth Submit Program for a Renaissance to Mexican Democratic Convention

Sept. 19, 2006 (EIRNS)—The Mexican branch of the LaRouche Youth Movement submitted a 16-page "conceptual proposal" to the National Democratic Convention (NDC) convoked by Andres Manuel López Obrador for Mexico's Independence Day, Sept. 16. See it in full in the Sept. 22 issue of EIR.

The proposal was released on the eve of the Convention, which was a total success, bringing an estimated one million delegates to Mexico City's historic "Zócalo" plaza on Sept. 16.

"I accept the post of President of Mexico," Andres Manuel López Obrador (AMLO) told the crowd at that event. The Convention voted to inaugurate him formally on Nov. 20, the country's Revolution Day, 10 days before the usurper, Felix Calderón, is scheduled to take office.

In the first part of the rally, the NDC approved 12 resolutions, including the refusal to recognize Felipe Calderón's government, a call for the "abolition of the regime based on privileges for the few," and naming López Obrador "the legitimate President of Mexico."

In his 30-minute speech—interrupted by repeated chants of "Es un honor, estar con Obrador" ("It's an honor, to be with Obrador")—AMLO sharply attacked the regime which has been "at the service of a minority of bankers, speculators and corrupt individuals [who] favor financial interests over the public interest." Tracing that regime's immediate origins to ex-President Carlos Salinas de Gortari, who launched the Fobaproa bank bail-out which was "the greatest looting since the colonial era," AMLO said, "they are afraid of losing their privileges." "Do they really think" that Calderon will bring tranquility and political normalcy to Mexico? "Do they really think" that they will get their hands on the nation's oil and natural gas? "Do they really think" that we will capitulate or make a deal? "They are mistaken; they shall not succeed!"

AMLO denounced the destruction of the economy and its people at the hands of the ancien régime. "We don't accept" millions of children being malnourished; "we don't accept" the elderly being abandoned; "we don't accept" child labor, and a minimum wage too low to survive on. "We don't accept" the NAFTA accords which will remove all tariffs on corn and beans in 2008. And "we don't accept" the privatization of electricity and Pemex, he stated emphatically—to particularly loud cheers.

AMLO announced that they are embarking on building "The New Republic," whose central purpose is to "promote the welfare, happiness and culture of all Mexicans." He repeated his call to enshrine the Welfare State as a Constitutional principle. And he restated what has been the central slogan of his movement: "For the good of all, the poor come first."

He concluded by referring to both the history and the future of Mexico as guides to the movement. As in the past, where Mexico was divided between Conservatives and Liberals, so today the country is divided between right-wingers and progressives. And we must continue the battle for our children, "to be able to look them in the eye" and tell them what we fought for.

As for why he was accepting the post of President of Mexico, he said it was because "I am certain that we won the Presidential election," and because we must "reject the rupture of the Constitutional order." Furthermore, he said defiantly, "It's a 'take that,' so that they learn to accept the popular will."

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