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United States Embassy in Berlin Organizes Forum for Bush-Cheney Democrats, As a Counter-Operation Against LaRouche

Oct. 27, 2006 (EIRNS)—On Oct. 31, at one of the conferences jointly organized by the United States Embassy in Berlin and the Friedrich Ebert Foundation, on the coming American Congressional election, a key operative in the fascist network which, in the United States, has called for the mass murder of Muslims, is being featured. The panel will feature Peter Ross Range, the editor of Blueprint—the magazine of fascist Joe Lieberman's Democratic Leadership Council (DLC) in the United States. The event is being chaired by senior Social Democratic Party figure Karsten Voigt.

The fascist credentials of the DLC are straightforward. Founded with Buckleyite right-wing mafia money, the DLC promotes Cheney-Bush imperial war policies, under the name "Democratic." Thus, it finds itself a useful tool of the Bush Administration, in deploying against the ongoing Eurasian dialogue being run by Lyndon LaRouche.

Not coincidentally, this meeting has been announced for the same city, day and time, when LaRouche is holding an international Internet webcast on the theme, "World Crisis on the Eve of the United States Election."

Recent documentation of the fascist outlook of the DLC is provided in the May 2006 edition of Range's Blueprint magazine, which featured the theme "Defeating Jihadism."

Range himself has an article in that issue entitled "European Wake-Up," promoting the "Euston Manifesto"—a new movement of fascist European liberal imperialists, which was largely created by London's Henry Jackson Society, the would-be fascist rulers of the world (see Aug. 18 EIR). Peter Range described the Euston Manifesto as "a rallying point for progressives who reject the reflexive anti-Americanism, anti-globalism, and anti-interventionism of the left."

In the U.S., a group of Euston Manifesto supporters has coalesced around Telos magazine—which for some time has promoted the revival of the doctrines of the "Kronjurist of the Third Reich," Carl Schmitt. Schmitt's fascist theories have also been the inspiration for the "unitary executive" doctrine championed by the circles around Dick Cheney, used to justify torture and all manner of emergency, dictatorial powers. In fact, a visit to the Telos website finds the homepage with a promotional link to the Euston manifesto, flanked by an ad for a book by Carl Schmitt.

U.S. signers of the Euston manifesto include Daniel Bell, Daniel Goldhagen, Walter Laqueur, the DLC's Will Marshall, Martin Peretz, Ronald Radosh, as well as Michael Ledeen.

Range himself, according to an article in Time magazine for April 12, 1971, long ago had a brief contact with the Nazi war criminal Albert Speer, condemned at the Nuremberg Trials, whom he visited and interviewed in Spandau prison. He has also been friendly with U.S. Army Lieutenant William Calley, the officer responsible for the My Lai massacre, in which 503 Vietnamese civilians were murdered, and about whom Range reported for Time. Acquaintance and proximity to war criminals is thus neither new, nor accidental for him.

The same issue of Blueprint also features an article by Danish journalist Flemming Rose. In an "Editor's Note," Peter Ross Range writes that "Rose—who was responsible for publishing the Mohammad cartoons last year—says in his exclusive contribution to Blueprint that Europe must soon wake up to the Jihadist threat in its midst and face the failure of multiculturalism on the Old Continent."

Rose, the "cultural editor" of Jyllands-Posten, was also a featured speaker at an Ayn Rand Institute (ARI) conference in Boston this past weekend. There, he shared the podium with ARI Executive Director Yaron Brook—who had just called for the mass murder of Muslims. On Oct. 16 Brook had publicly proclaimed that the way to defeat what he calls Islamic totalitarian states, "is to kill up to hundreds of thousands of their supporters." Another speaker at the Boston Conference, Objective Standard editor John Lewis, echoed Brook's call for mass murder. The U.S. should pick an "Islamic totalitarian state," Lewis said, and attack it, and "make sure the people are psychologically crushed; like, 100,000 people die in a firestorm—we'll call it 'Operation Firestorm.' "

That the Friedrich Ebert Foundation would lend itself to an event with participants of such a background, is scandalous. And could Karsten Voigt, with his decades-long familiarity with American politics, really not be aware what kind of a meeting he is undertaking to chair?

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