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Democrat Rodriguez's Win:
Texas's 23rd C.D. Victory for `New Politics'

Dec. 13, 2006 (EIRNS)—Democrat Ciro Rodriguez stunned the politicians and pollsters, and discredited Howard Dean, in winning the special election in the 23rd Congressional District in Texas on Dec. 12. Rodriguez, who was 7% behind in the final poll taken last week, defeated the incumbent, Rep. Henry Bonilla, with 38,247 votes for Rodriguez, 32,165 for Bonilla, for a 54.3% to 45.7% trouncing. The victory itself was unexpected; the margin was reported variously as "stunning," an "earthquake," and "unpredictable."

In a press release issued today, Lyndon LaRouche described it as a "landslide against Howard Dean." LaRouche pointed out that Dean had intervened to sabotage the vote, but was overwhelmed by the combined effect of an all-out mobilization of a LaRouche Youth Movement (LYM) team from Houston and Los Angeles, and a last-minute visit to San Antonio by former President Bill Clinton. The rally on Sunday, Dec. 10, in which Clinton sharply attacked the "imperial" policy of Bush-Cheney, as well as the economic injustice which has characterized their six years in office, energized those attending, and ensured the voter turnout which ended Bonilla's 14-year incumbency.

The main theme of the LYM deployment throughout the concentrated two-week blitz, was that Bonilla, a Bush loyalist, must join the other Republicans who were defeated on Nov. 7. Further, they emphasized that this special election would demonstrate that the current electoral universe is now dominated by what LaRouche calls the "New Politics," and that the old days of mechanical-statistical methods have been overturned. In this new universe, young voters can be developed to become a cadre of young organizers, which will no longer tolerate the axioms of the corrupt, flee-from-reality practices of the Boomer generation.

The results in San Antonio on Dec. 12 confirmed that Nov. 7 was not an anomaly, but that the potential for a fundamental transformation of U.S., and global politics has arrived. As the results were coming in, leading Texas Democrats, who had been shocked by the potency of the LYM candidacy of Kesha Rogers for Texas Democratic Party Chair last Summer, indicated that they want more collaboration with LaRouche and the LYM in planning the next phase of returning Texas to "blue state" status.

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