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Note: Lyndon LaRouche will be speaking conducting an international webcast on Wednesday, March 7, in Washington, at 1:00 p.m.

A Moment of Truth Has Arrived

Feb. 21, 2007 (EIRNS)—Two major events, both taking place this week, underscore the fact that the Anglo-Dutch oligarchy, centered in the City of London, is arrived at a moment of truth that could determine, in the immediate hours and days ahead, whether the planet is plunged into a civilizational dark age.

Very few people and institutions around the world have the faintest idea that this is happening, and among those who would pose an alternative to this potential true global tragedy, only Lyndon LaRouche has a clear idea of what can and must be done to politically defeat this horror show. The events themselves, that signal this moment of truth, are the following:

First, we have the arrival in the Sea of Oman this week of the USS Stennis-led second US Navy carrier group. This means that the naval assets are in place in the Persian Gulf region to orchestrate a premeditated "accidental" confrontation between the US and Iran, which could trigger a full-scale American pre-emptive attack on Iran. In the past 24 hours, BBC has aired an exclusive expose of new US war plans, that would target the entire military infrastructure of Iran for a massive bombing campaign—not just limited strikes against a few purported secret nuclear weapons installations. This event is occurring as both Vice President Dick Cheney and President George Bush are on long-scheduled overseas trips.

Second, we have the meeting this week of the Bank of Japan, where the decision will be made whether or not to abandon the yen carry trade, by raising interest rates. If a rate hike occurs, it could trigger a blow-out of the entire dollar-based global financial system. As LaRouche has emphasized , the entire global financial system is under the top-down control of Anglo-Dutch financiers centered in London. They run the system through the yen carry trade, and through the related emission of floods of US dollars through the Fed's printing press. The US government no longer reports M3 money supply data because they are willfully covering up this element of the one, global hyperinflationary bubble.

The yen carry trade and the M3 pump-priming are run out of the City of London, and they are all part of the biggest John Law financial bubble in history. Now, with the Persian Gulf deployment and the Bank of Japan interest rate decision both on the table at the same moment, we are seeing manifestations—shadows on the cave wall—of a faction fight between two rival factions within the Anglo-Dutch financial oligarchy, otherwise known as the Club of the Isles. There is one faction that is out to permanently destroy the United States now—once and for all. They are ready to pull the plug on the whole system, to bring down the United States and the entire nation-state system at this moment. They want the sudden-death destruction of the United States. The other, rival faction, wants a more managed process of destruction. They want to bleed the United States to death more slowly. The goal of the two factions is identical. Their approach differs.

The key thing that must be understood, is that there are no significant issues beyond this global showdown. It is noteworthy and interesting that Senator Levin and others are grappling with legislation to bring the hedge funds under control; but Levin and his co-sponsors do not understand the nature of the beast. They are blind to the fact that the hedge funds are instruments in the hands of the Anglo-Dutch financial oligarchy. The measures that they are considering will not solve the problem, even though their impulse is important to note.

There is only one way to defeat this top-down Anglo-Dutch drive to break up the nation-state system and plunge the world into a prolonged dark age. That is a political solution, coming from the Government of the United States. The lead must come from the institution of the Presidency. This is why Cheney and Bush have to go now!

Once the Presidency has been restored, the U.S. can proceed with an alliance with Russia, China, and India to impose a political solution, based on what FDR did with the war mobilization and the creation of the Bretton Woods fixed-exchange-rate system. That is the only alternative to the plunge into hell.

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