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Russian Government Warns
About Iran Attack Threat

April 3, 2007 (EIRNS)—Andrei Denisov, first deputy foreign minister of the Russian Federation, confirmed today that the Russian leadership is taking deadly seriously the live threat of a U.S.-led attack on Iran. Underscoring that Moscow considers that threat as directly affecting its own strategic interests, Denisov warned that "any military action near our borders is absolutely impermissible."

As reported in Jeffrey Steinberg's article "Brits Drive World War III Provocations in Gulf," in EIR dated April 6, there has been tremendous publicity in Russia around intelligence-source warnings of an imminent attack on Iran. In one version, the attack is code-named "Operation Bite" and would be slated for Good Friday, April 6. Former Russian Defense Ministry official Gen. Leonid Ivashov, in several late-March statements, voiced concern that nuclear weapons will be used. Over the past year, repeated warnings by Lyndon LaRouche, that precisely such a scenario is favored by Vice-President Dick Cheney, have circulated widely in the Russian media.

In his press conference today, the Novosti Russian Information Agency reported that Denisov said Russia would "do everything necessary, to prevent military action against Iran." Asked if there are concerns that the USA will attack Iran, Denisov repied, "Of course there are." He said that Russia's stand on this question is "decisive and tough," but that Moscow wants "common sense" to prevail. Denisov said that he had no information on a scenario with a specific date: "Our partners state that the deployment of various military forces in the Persion Gulf area is part of a planned rotation. ... Our premise is that it will be possible to preserve the peace."

Following Denisov's remarks, Russian media headlines ranged from "White House Categorically Denies USA Will Attack Iran This Friday," to "USA May Attack Iran." The "White House Denies" headlines were based on a reply by White House Deputy Press Secretary Tony Fratto, to a question about the same. Except Fratto, according to the Russian reports, fueled the fire by saying "Absolutely untrue," and then adding "Just not this Friday!" with a smile.

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