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The Kiedrich Resolution

Sept. 16, 2007 (EIRNS)—This resolution was passed unanimously by the 350 participants in a just-concluded Schiller Institute conference on the Eurasian Land-Bridge and the Bering Strait Rail Tunnel great project, in Kiedrich, Germany:

The central feature of the conference of the Schiller Institute in Kiedrich of mid-September focussed on the need to implement a just New World Economic Order in the near future. Given the advanced state of disintegration of the world financial system, it is urgent that the governments and the parliaments of the nations of this world put the question of the reconstruction of the physical economy on the agenda.

The conference on the building of a transport corridor between Siberia and Alaska through the Bering Strait, in April of this year in Moscow, hightlighted one crucial project in what must become a global system of transport and development corridors, uniting the sovereign nation-states of this planet in a peaceful way. The new world economic order must focus on reconstructing the physical economy in order to provide the physical and economic means for all human beings alive today, and to overcome poverty in the shortest possible time.

The Eurasian Land-Bridge as the cornerstone for this new world economic order is a development perspective for the 21st Century, and will end the period of barbarism, in which conflicts among peoples were carried out through war. The worldwide land-bridge therefore will establish a method of war avoidance through peaceful economic cooperation for the coming aims of mankind.

We, the participants of the conference, call on the goverments of the world to adopt this program at the upcoming General Assembly of the United Nations.

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