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LaRouche: Greenspan's Warning Situates Global Chaos Operations

Dec. 31 (EIRNS)— American statesman Lyndon LaRouche said today that Alan "Bubbles" Greenspan's dire New Year's Eve warning that "something unexpected" will happen soon, which will "knock us all down," provides the true setting for the unleashing of chaos which is now occurring around the world. LaRouche pointed to Pakistan, Southwest Asia, Kenya, South Africa, Yemen, and the FARC/Chavez moves in Ibero-America as in-progress chaos operations run by the Anglo-Dutch financier crowd.

Ayn Rand devotee and 20-year Fed Chairman Greenspan said in his National Public Radio (NPR) interview, reported in today, "What I have to forecast is that something will happen which is unexpected, which will knock us down.... The odds of that happening, I think, are rising, because we are getting in vulnerable areas."

Greenspan added, "What I point out is that we're in a turning phase, and that the extraordinary improvements that have occurred in the world economy in the last 15 years are transitory, and they're about to change ... So, I think this whole process will begin to reverse."

Interest rates, Greenspan said, "now are set by the supply of investment money worldwide; a force much larger than the concerted efforts of central banks, including the Fed.... We and all other central banks lost control of the forces directing higher prices in homes."

Greenspan admitted his miserable record at forecasting, despite sitting at the helm of the Fed for nearly two decades: "The record of forecasting not only of myself and of companies I have developed, but of the profession as a whole, is not particularly spectacular," Greenspan said. "Ive been forecasting since the early 1950s. I was as bad then as I am now." Apparently, a belated confession of an economic ____ (rhymes with hitman).

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