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Fake Temperature Record in China Behind Gore's Climate Fraud

Jan. 30, 2008 (EIRNS)—Scientific truth struck back against Al Gore's genocidal global warming fraud this week, as record snows and cold weather blanketed much of the northern hemisphere. China, which last year was forced to close 553 coal-fired power stations to placate the carbon dioxide mafia, now finds itself suffering under blizzard conditions not seen in 50 years. Half a million soliders from the People's Liberation Army have been mobilized to rescue freezing residents and clear transportation corridors in large parts of east, central, and southern China.

As it turns out, a falsified record of Chinese temperature stations also plays a central role in the global warming fraud. As it was revealed last year, the Inter-Governmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC), the co-ordinating body for the global warming fraud, had employed a falsified record of Chinese temperature readings to help support its claim that global temperature has been increasing as a result of manmade carbon dioxide emissions. The story is as follows:

In May of 2007, Canadian economist Stephen McIntyre and Douglas Keenan of Great Britain exposed as fraudulent the IPCC claim that urban heat island effect — the increase in historical temperature record, due to the fact that monitoring stations were located in urbanizing areas — played only a minor role in the temperature data. The IPCC's claim was based on a landmark 1990 paper ("Assessment of Urbanization Effects in Time Series of Surface Air Temperature Over Land") by Phil Jones, Director of the Climate Research Unit at the University of East Anglia and co-author Wei-Chyung Wang, professor at the State University of New York in Albany.

But McIntyre and Keenan showed that Jones and his co-author had knowingly falsified data from the 84 Chinese temperature stations used in their study. Jones and his co-author had claimed to have chosen stations "with few, if any, changes in instrumentation, location or observation times." However, after Jones was forced by a protracted Freedom of Information Act fight to release his station list, it was compared to a joint study conducted by the Chinese Academy of Science and the Oak Ridge National Lab's Carbon Dioxide Program, which had assessed the state of repair and history of the temperature stations in China.

That study showed that only 60 stations of the 84 used by Jones, et al. had even limited station histories. Forty-two of the stations, which Jones listed as rural, had no station history at all. Of the other 42 stations used by Jones, there had been major relocations, in some cases moves of up to 41 kilometers, and most from rural to urban locations.

Interestingly, Jones's time frame for his study was 1945 to 1983, which includes the periods of the "Great Cultural Revolution" and the "Great Leap Forward." The joint study by the Chinese Academy of Sciences and the U.S. Oak Ridge National Laboratory had found that serious doubts arise in the level of accuracy of this temperature data, and that there was a real possibility that station history data had been changed or lost during this time period.

From the time it was first cooked up in 1975, at a conference of population control fanatics, "global warming" was never anything but a hoax to provide justification for denying the fruits of modern industrial society to the poor, and mostly non-white, populations of the world. The case of the falsified data on Chinese temperature stations once again exposes Gore's fraud as flimsier than a house of cards.