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Gen. Ivashov on Systemic Crisis, and LaRouche, Circulates in Russia

Jan. 29, 2008 (EIRNS)— Russian General Leonid Ivashov's article "Hooray for the Global Crisis!", posted Jan. 26 by the Strategic Culture Foundation, today appeared on the widely read website MiK Information and Analysis (www.iamik.ru) in a slightly revised form. In both editions, Ivashov cites Lyndon LaRouche's current warning of a "hyperinflationary blowout" and his call for the U.S. government to put the American economy through bankruptcy, in order to launch recovery efforts that can provide leadership for the whole world. In the MiK version of the article, Gen. Ivashov calls LaRouche "an outstanding American," and reports that LaRouche warned him in person about the impending global financial explosion, last May.

Whereas Ivashov expresses skepticism about the U.S.A.'s having enough sovereignty left to be able to follow LaRouche's guidance, LaRouche has now responded with his new article "A World System In Collapse!", which presents exactly what the United States must do, in collaboration with other major powers, to initiate a rescue of the crisis-gripped economy of every nation, and the world as a whole. LaRouche's new essay is being translated into Russian.

General-Colonel Ivashov, currently president of the Academy of Geopolitical Problems, is former head of the International Department of the Russian Ministry of Defense. His commentaries are highly respected in Russia and monitored by specialists abroad. Last week he issued a warning against U.S. preparations for potential first-use of nuclear weapons in the Southwest Asia region.